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terminal ileum cancer - Mum's tumour is not inoperable but SHE IS!

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My mum (73) has not been eating for a long time, getting weaker, losing weight and refusing to see a doctor. On February 4 she had a fall and broke an arm, so had to go to hospital where after four weeks of increasing weakness they diagnosed (through scan, too weak for colonoscopy) a large tumour on her terminal ileum. They've tried feeding her through a TPN line AND a NG tube (failed as she vomited it out) and have now said she'd never withstand an operation, although the cancer doesn't appear to have spread. She has massive fluid on her legs, arms and in her lungs and needs 3 nurses to turn and lift her. Catheterised. Now the hospital want to discharge her home. I want to do everything possible to help with this and am prepared to move back to Northern Ireland from my home in Oxfordshire to do this... but I am not a nurse and am TERRIFIED of being left isolated and without enough support to look after her. She is in constant pain but mainly from the (slowly healing) arm. On morphine tablets. Does anyone have experience of this sort of tumour? What does the future hold? Doc says she's got weeks/months but what will these be like?


Any help welcome.


Thank you, Sharon.