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change stage from dukes c to dukes d

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my husband was diagnosed with dukes c bowel cancer in 2012 had resection in may 2012 followed by 6 months of chemo to cut a long story short he now has secondarys to liver, pelvis, omentum, and peritoneum also had blockage which he has just had stent put in but they have now changed his stage to a dukes d anyone have similar happen to them

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Hi Eunice,

Sorry to hear about your hubby, I do not know about dukes d, but wanted to send a hug to you both,am sure someone will be able to help you on here.

My bowel cancer has spread to my lungs and I am having my second lot of chemo soon, it kept my lung mets under control while on it but they started to grow when off it. There is lots out there to help keep the cancer at bay.

Good luck to your hubby with any treatment he has, keep in touch.

Pam x