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As you know, I have had the LAR surgery over two weeks ago. Still struggling with the 'bum' pain. So much so I phoned my colorectal nurse crying in pain. She made me get more morphine based pain killers whilst they take the edge off it, it doesn't take it all away. Keyhole surgery with a 5 inch scar which is now beginning to leak. The rest of the wounds seem to be healing just nicely. So very successful op.

Whilst on the phone to the Nurse, crying ... telling her it's the worst thing I have ever had done, I regret doing it now bla bla bla ... drama queen stuff she then stopped me in mid sentence and reminded me that the MDT met that morning. My patholoy results had come through and they got all the cancer out. Clear margins and no cancer in the lymph nodes so no further treatment needed. I am so delighted so now it's a case of getting over the surgery and back to work.

I have never been a lucky person in my life but for some reason, Lady Luck has certainly being shining down on me. I have had it easy. In a space of 8 weeks my life had been turned upside down, diazepam became my best friend for work, surgery done and over with and no more cancer left. When reading of people's stories, coming to terms with it, treatment plans etc I almost feel guilty for being told this news. It's totally mind numbing.

I just want those who are still fighting or caring for someone in this battle to know that I am still rooting for you all and my positive vibes will always be sent. I'll be around to offer my support because put quite simply without the support from all you brave people I would have been locked away in a padded cell by now because I didn't handle this too well mentally.

So together, we'll keep the fight up.

Jackie xxx

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Jackie, that's wonderful news that you have the all clear. I hope life continues to be on the up for you.
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Hi Jackie, 

That is fantastic news about your pathology results.  Hearing good news from others gives us all hope for the future. Good luck with the ongoing healing from the surgery. Please keep up with all the positive thoughts for the rest of us. 

Matt xxx

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Hi Jackie,

What great news am so glad for you, best christmas present you could have had.

Am sorry you are suffering atm , do hope it get's a bit better soon.

I am off th Spain tomorrow yay cannot wait.

Keep sending the positive vibes, I will need them in the new year when I have my chemo.

Love good news, you take care.

Love Pam xxx