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Chemo finished

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Hi all

Just got back from dropping N off for round no.6 and we have been advised today to knock the chemo on the head now. N's platelets were still only 69 on a 4 week cycle so they suspect he maybe in the 5% of the population who are overly sensitive to chemo and if they continued they could permanently damage his bone marrow.

Bring on Christmas :-)

We have had a horrendous year and I am waiting for an operation in the next 8 weeks so hopefully 2013 will be a more positive year all round.

I will keep up with everything on here and wish everyone well for the future.

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Sorry hubby has had to stop chemo but hopefully what he has had will have worked, do hope 2013 is a better year for you.

Good luck with your op, hope it goes well.

Enjoy Christmas and yes keep us informed on everything,

Pam x

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I am sorry to hear that your hubby's chemo has had to be stopped due to the platelets being too low. Hopefully the chemo that he has already had has done its work. 

Good luck for your own operation. 

I share your hopes that 2013 is a better year than 2012 for all of us!

Very best wishes.