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Surgery is looming!

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Actually, I am really looking forward to it and it cannot come quick enough now. I go in on Sunday and will have my surgery on Monday when hopefully, they will cut away this horrible alien type thing I have inside me. That's how I see it, it's like carrying an alien eeeek!

I'm just on to send everyone positive vibes. I'll probably not be on for a while so I hope you are all doing ok.

Pam, I have the make-up and straightners packed!! Hope you are chilling out a bit getting yourself prepared for the next round. I know you'll find the strength for it, you are such a courageous person ... as is everyone here.

I actually feel like this is the beginning of my fight now and I am more than determined to win this battle.

I'll be back! Take care everyone.

Love Jackie xxx

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Hi Jackie,

Lovely to hear from you, am glad you are being so positive it will help you get over all this better, you are the couageous one.

Am so glad you have the make up and straightners packed expect you to be using them soon after the op ha. I will be thinking of you and hoping you are behaving yourself.

Am ok atm just been away for a few days, was lovely, am going to enjoy these next couple of months.

Sending you a big hug and very positive vibes, and yes you will win this battle like I will, and you will be back.

Love Pam xxx


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Good luck Jackie, all the best to you for your surgery and recovery - get rid of that alien!

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Hi Jackie

I wish you all the very best for Monday and hope you have a speedy recovery. As a carer of someone still recovering from a full / permanent resection I would say - give yourself time to recover.   We all like to think of ourselves as superhuman, which I have no doubt you are, however if you suffered major trauma after being hit by bus you wouldn't expect to be completely healed  within 4 weeks. My point is this is major trauma, although inflicted by someone who knows what their doing so take it slow.

I am sure 2013 will be more positive for everyone, it has been an "anus horibilis" (pun intended) here and if it hadn't been for our 2 babies I think I would have lost the plot by now.

Big hugs being sent your way.


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Hi Jackie, 

Very best of luck with your surgery and winning the battle. I like your analogy of the alien!

You take care of yourself and recuperate gently. 

Matt xxx

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I am the wife of a husband with bowel cancer. He has surgery in 10 days time and i go from being glad there is surgery to dreading how he will feel and recover. When he is better he has to have lung surgery to remove another small tumour. Currently he is well and continuing to ride for an hour on his bike climbing hills and challenging himself , he doesn't feel ill so the surgery is going to hit like a hammer.What is the best I can do to help himthrough this?


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Quackers, Just a quick message of encouragement and positive vibes. Yes the imminent surgery is worrying and daunting. However it's a necessary part of your husbands treatment. Try to ensure your hubby manges to eat nutritious foods over these last few days before being admitted. If he's not eating, ask the district nurses to get him nutritional supplements like fortijuices or fortisips or give him things like buildups out complain. This will help his wounds heal better and also help his recovery as he'll be abit stronger. You don't mention if your husband is having keyhole or open abdominal surgery. Obviously keyhole recovery times are quicker but its still major surgery. If he is going to have his surgery on a unit that's using the enhanced recovery programme, they'll have him out of bed either the same day or the following day, sat in the chair and taking a few steps. The also give special drinks on the morning if the surgery and on return fom theatre to build the patient up as they don't want to eat straight away. But they do get eating quicker too. On discharge ask for a few cartons if fortisips and fortijuices for times when he won't feel like eating at home. Then he'll still get nutrition without you worrying too much about that. Make sure his pain is controlled as he'l be able to do more if not in pain. Make sure he gets plenty of rest. I'm sure you'll look after him well and he'l soon be on the road to recovery from his op. don't forget you'll have the district nurses keeping an eye on things as well and report any concerns to your gp. Then the lung issue canbe tackled. Lots of love and positive thoughts for you both xxx
Bantam Paul
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Hi, I had bowel surgery 8 weeks ago for a rectal cancer. I new beforehand that I was going to have a bag, if that is something your chap is having then tell him not to worry they are a doddle and nothing to feel upset about. It was the one thing that worried me most, and you dont need to. Like your husband I ride and also run and made sure I was as fit as possible prior to surgery and it sure paid off. Iwas up and walking the day after surgery (6.5 hours) and was out in 7 days, it would have been 5 if it had not been for walls being demolished at home!!!

I was back on my bike for an hour 4 weeks after surgery and all is well - never felt poorly and feeling quite fit and well.

I had my first session of chemo yesterday and currently feel no side effects from that.

I hope all goes well, tell him to get over the bowel issue, get strong again and then tackle the lung.

All the best Bantam Paul

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Just a BIG THANK YOU for your words of encouragement! Every so often I want to sit down and cry but most of the time I am positive so thanks for helping me stay strong for my fella. Yes, I am building him up nutritionaly and he has now come of the query diabetic list to being OK again. Bantam Paul thank you so much for your words about cycling. My husband coped so well with everything but was down when they told him that he would have to refrain from cycling after the op but 4 weeks we can manage. My son and I have promised him that as soon as we can we will walk him on the ward and when he is back at home we will take him 'walkies' daily. He has even threatened buying himself a collar and lead!!

So thank you my friends, for your words and I shall keep you posted over the next month or so.


Bantam Paul
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quackers - don't worry about him being v slow walking to start - For at least the first 3 weeks it was like I was in slow motion!!! Then after half term on the first day back to school my son commented that I had been turned back up to full speed and now he cant keep up!! It all takes time - but you get back to 'normal' sooner than you think. the days seem to drag at times but the weeks have flown by. Keep happy and motivated and don't let the little things get you down, and if they do push them away again. i have all my worries locked up and the key has been thrown away:)

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It sounds as if your husband is fit. Hopefully, he will have as good an experience as my wife. She had laparascopic surgery to remove the ascending colon a week last Thursday She was booked to be discharged the following Monday but as she developed colic with referred pain in her shoulders she opted to remain where she could get v effective pain relief until Tuesday. She is tired but recovering extremely well. My wife was fortunate in that at 68 she is fit which helped enormously. Two of her four op scars have healed already and a third is dry and almost healed.
The only issue at present is that she is still anaemic but hopefully, the medication will remedy that soon.
Best wishes to your husband, these things can go well.
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Hi quackers, Being fit really helped me get over my surgery (left hemicolectomy laparoscopic resection (I think!)). I was on my feet very briefly the day after my surgery and out in 5 days and I know being fit really helped. I also know that this can be very frustrating, too. Chemo and surgery are different for everyone and chemo in particular can suck all the energy out of you, so he may not be able to be as active but really really want to be. This is irritating me no end at the moment. There are bumps in the road but you will both get over them - I think the trick is to look at where you'll get to, not where you are. Good luck, and you'll find lots of help and advice on here.