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panitumumab skin rash

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Hi all,

Have had my first cycle of folfiri last week, coupled with panitumumab.

I understand about the skin rash and acne-like spots etc and have the antibacterial cream I need plus some antihistamines.

The "rash" has well and truly arrived and on my face, is SO ITCHY and stingy, even with the anthistamine. I'm wondering if any people who've been on panitumumab ever found anything that actually just SOOTHED the affected area, without interferring with the natural progress of the rash?

I could almost cope with how horrible it looks if it only didn't feel so uncomfortable as well!!!!!

At the moment, the only thing that gives me temporary relief is putting a couple of icecubes in a sandwich bag and dabbing it on the sorest part of my face in the way you might dab calamine lotion on chicken pox....   It's blissfull for a couple of minutes but doesn't last and isn't very practical!

Mary l c
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Hi my husband had really bad acne type rash when he started pantumamab  antibiotics were the only thing that improved it.

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My Mum religiously massaged aveeno mosturising lotion into her skin at least twice a day and after washing; based on the recommendation from her cancer nurses and it kept the worst effects at bay.

She also looked on the rash that the vectibix was working (as it works on the cells epidermal growth factor) I t looks like there has been significant shrinkage after 3months of it, we're waiting for a confirmation scan following radio she had in a couple of weeks. Best of luck!