Hello I am cath I have colon cancer stage 4 starting chemo this week to hopefully shrink the tumor then operation scared of having chemo scared of everything has anyone been through the same or going through appreciate every little help

Colon cancer

  • Thanks . It does feel like a good step in the right direction which is a relief.

  • Hi my husband has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and he is starting his second dose of chemo next week so far so good bit grumpy but he always was lol good luck

    • Welcome to the team! I had 6 months of Folfox after my colon tumour was removed. Once every two weeks. Loads of people get through Chemo with very few symptoms. I had nausea but I would advise bugging the nurses about it if that is the case! I just took it on the chin but there are loads of meds that can help. After three months the doctor reduced the dose (should have complained sooner!) and all my symptoms disappeared! I put back the 18kg I had lost! Ate EVERYTHING in sight! Went back to teaching. And it worked! So speak up if you are feeling rubbish, rest and don't push yourself. Try little mouthfuls of food and pamper yourself! The time goes by so quickly and it is a small price to pay for peace of mind ans to get your life back!
  • Hi how are you you said you had good response to chemotherapy did you have any sickness or any side effects thank you

  • Hi there! During the first 3 months the nausea lasted longer and longer - I took meds which stopped the sickness but felt queesy for about 3-4 days following each session. I ate little and often and found I could eat through the nausea. However I would strongly advise you make a fuss if the treatment isn't suiting  you - I now realise there are so many mess and alternative treatments that can be used to make the whole experience more comfortable. After theee months the doctor reduced my dosage and I felt GREAT! The other side effect was tingling in my fingers (I had to wear gloves after each session!) and I couldn't eat or drink anything cold because it made my mouth all numb. But it wasn't painful, just weird. All in all chemo was 1000000 times less disagreable than I imagined. I met some lovely new friends and we wouls try to get the same appointment/same room each time.