My chemo

Finished 2nd round and on my free week. Found it better than I had feared.  Main problem is that I keep failing the blood tests.


  • Well done . How many sessions are you having? It’s frustrating when they turn you down for your bloods not being good enough isn’t it? My white cell count was on the low side before I even started and I was sent back home on one occasion. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a magic food that helps get the levels back up so it’s just a case of being patient and hoping your levels come back up on your week off x

  • Hi there Kareno62,

    Thanks for your reply. I am due to have four sessions.  How about you? I’ve just had my blood taken this morning, so fingers crossed, as we are due to go on a week’s holiday a week on Saturday.  Happy to go during 2nd week of treatment but if there is a delay, might have to cancel.  This holiday has been booked for almost 2 years, so would be disappointing to miss it.

    Are you still having treatment?

    Best regards,


  • Hi . So you’re halfway - whoo hoo! I finished treatment in 2017 (if you click on my name you can see my story) but my sisters just had a routine blood test and panicked when her white cell count was low which brought the memories back to me. 
    We stayed in a caravan in Wales during my treatment and I used to get up early to have some breakfast, take my tablets and then go back to bed! Hope you manage to get away for your holiday.

    Take care

    Karen x

  • Are you having Oxaliplatin and Capecetabine? I'm now on my second round of 4 treatments following treatment for secondary liver mets after a right hemicolectomy in Feb 2020.  My oncologist has been giving me Granocite injections to boost my immunity between treatment and blood tests which have helped greatly. I wonder why this isn't given as routine?

  • Yes, halfway through but I've just failed my latest blood test, so another delay in my next treatment starting.  I've read your story and you had a hard time, so very pleased to read that you are clear now.

  • Hello Ted63.  Yes, it would help if they could offer something to help with the blood tests.  I've just failed mine yet again, so another delay in my next treatment starting.  I am just taking Capecetabine, which I am not finding too bad..

  • H Hermintrude (what a wonderful name..)  .  When my blood count was low I was prescribed Iron Tablets.  They said two a day, which I did initially, but after a chat with the GP we agreed one a day is good.  This was last year when I started chemo and I just take one every morning now.  Side effects could be constipation or runs.  Oh and black stools, but who cares, they work.

    I had the surgery last July, followed by 8 sessions of chemo and now just on chemo pills.  The beasties have spread to my liver and are inoperable because they are spread out.  But at 81 I currently feel fit and well and I am doing lots or "normal " things.   As George Burns once said "it sure  beats the alternative".

    Have I got any words of wisdom?  No not really, but I am ultra positive, I talk to friends and family a lot.  Stay with us on here and don't be put off by the sad bits.  Life is terminal, we all know that, but cancer isn't necessarily so. 

    I have also found that not having someone with me in the chemo day clinic an advantage as we - the patients - talk to each other and encourage one another.  And we laugh a lot.  I found we all agree, we are all in different boats, but we are in the same storm so we are stronger together.   When I mentioned this to the staff, they said that they had noticed too how positive everyone is and they are thinking seriously of banning visitors (non patients) when we get out of Covid 19 because it seems to be good for us.  I guess there are always silver linings.

    Take care, stay in touch, God bless

  • Hello Sussexlad,

    What an inspiring message, thank you.  And what a wonderful attitude you have to life, we’ll done you.

    I hope I am in a better situation than you, as I had a choice whether or not to have chemotherapy, as my cancer hadn’t spread to another organ but had leaked into my blood vessels.  I decided to go ahead with it and am due to start Session 3 (out of 4), if only  I didn’t keep failing the blood test!  Patience needed, more than I have at the minute! But looking forward to getting it all done with and getting some holidays in with our caravan.  We live in the Scottish Borders and are usually keen hill walkers - I’m getting back to the walking and feel very well but no hills yet.  That will come as I am quite fit for 74 - and have a positive attitude.  We are very lucky with very supportive friends.  The MacMillan staff are wonderful too, although to my surprise the patients don’t chat a lot - maybe we are sitting too far apart with Covid restrictions.

    The “Hermintrude” is pinched from our son, who has used it for his email address in the past.

    I’ll close here and God bless you too.  Mary

  • ‘Life is terminal but cancer isn’t always necessarily so’ that made me smile Blush 

  • Hi Hermintrude.

    I am on chemo for small bowel cancer. My next one is my sixth one out of 12. My white blood cell count is also low it was 1.7 the last time, they will not do it below 1.5. my lowest is 1.1 and I was not able to do it that week. I have been told there is nothing you can do to bring it up like eating more certain foods, it is a side effect of the chemo unfortunately and should come back up naturally