I would like some advice on the value of using supplements. I have just begun a new chemo regime after having 12 sessions of Cetuxamib, Fluorouracil and Irinotecan. Today I started Oxaliplatin and Capecitabine. I think that maybe supplements affected the chemo drugs. I did not get good results from a scan today. Cancer is growing in abdominal region.

I would appreciate some help and advice. I want to feel positive again. Thanks

  • Hi 

    Such a difficult day to find out a scan is not as great as hoped for . Certainly a lot of things can impact chemo in terms of supplements so I would suggest you chat to your team . It’s been a while since I looked up the specifics but certainly my mum never took any whilst on actual chemo .

    Have you had a surgical review ? We found that very helpful indeed . If you click on my name you can read my mum’s story . She had quite a few bumps along the way so can understand how demoralising today was for you . Sometimes getting a bit more information on what can be achieved might be helpful . Some surgeons are more able to tackle certain types of spreads more than others . 
    You also might like to find out a bit more about your histology .

    Finding your feet again is hard but there is still a lot of hope here . The combination you are going on now my mum had for over two years .

    Take care ,


  • Thanks Court. Your reply has really boosted me and how well your mum has done. What an inspiration! I realise that each patient is different but I am determined not to be a statistic but a survivor. Thanks again pal. 

  • Takes time to find your feet after a day like that . 
    But it’s a good combination that my mum had for two years .

    Remember to be prepared for the cold !

    Take care ,


  • Cheers pal. Have been in better form today. This has helped. 


  • That’s great to hear . Hope treatment is going ok .

    You sound as though you are making progress .


  • Hi Court

    Definitely more upbeat plus, I know that it's only day 3 but, coping ok with the new regime. Realise that this could change at any time. Just back in from a 6k walk and will be walking again this afternoon. I'm determined to fight it all the way.

    Thanks again.