Chemo care ! Top Tips:-

Wondered about pulling together some of the tips that people share that may be of use to others preparing to start chemotherapy! 


  • I was told to get myself a hot take away drink after oxalyplatin to sip in the car on the way home.

    Oven gloves are great if you need to access anything from your freezer.

  • that makes so much sense ! 
    Thanks  for sharing ! 

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  • Great idea!! This would've helped me so much when I started my chemo!! Something I didn't know till my 3rd chemo was not to touch the Capebitamine tablets! No one told me that at the start! I do find the info you get given is hit and miss! I've gained more from this site than anywhere else! When I had my first infusion the nurse didn't even know it was my first!!


  • Hi . Yes that’s another good tip to add - I used to tip mine into an empty squash bottle top! x 

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  • Well I must be totally different as I did no prep, except try and keep the relevant hand warm so they could find a vein!!! I think it does matter what chemo you are on. Mine being 5FU it was injected over about half hour with the leucororin (foliinic acid), sometimes took longer to get a vein, particularly towards the end!! This was low dose over 30 weeks, weekly.

  • Baby wipes are a must when going to the toilet .non fragrance body wash a book orange squash when having radiation you will soon get sick of forcing the water down you tissues .Chocolates for staff .lots of clothes layers ado a scarf to cover mouth as sometimes it hurts to breath in cold air .sucky sweets for when you feel sick . Lots of change for parking and find out if you can get cheap parking on day one ..Money for McMillan cake stand .And forget to talk to everyone one around you it’s a scarey time for everyone and it’s good to chat and support each other . And most of all rest get plenty of sleep forget the house work and chores get the duvet out and lay on the sofa and rest .good luck everyone and don’t be scared you’ve got this x

  • Actually just remembered, haribo tang tastics  were great at removing /relieving the weird metallic taste. These are the sour ones.

  • moan...then moan a bit more....then moan....then really moan, and in the breaks from moaning moan even more. 

    Dont forget to moan....and mulligatawny soup

  • I'm on my 3rd round, why shouldn't you touch the tablets ?

  • I didn't know till my 3rd round and sister on the ward told me!! She said because its Chemotherapy!!