Colon cancer

Has anyone had really smelly gas after breaking wind and what can help with that any good ideas are appreciated

  • I meant to say trapped wind pain

  • Hi I get bad wind at night. Hi Nelly B I’m starting chemo on the 21st. Anxiety has got really bad again, I’m having Capox and tablets., that will be 4 infusions over 3 months. Im not sure about how often the tablets, I went in on my own this time I will ask my daughter she still has the information sheets, I’m dreading it. So happpy to hear you are nearly 100%.. I don’t know why the wind smells so bad. Xx

  • Hi Nelly1955 , I know exactly how you feel . It sounds like the same treatment I had . Looking back now it went very quick but like you my anxiety completely took over . I think it was going into the unknown . I’m sure my anxiety made my symptoms worse . I ended up on diazepam. ( which really helped ) if I had to go through it again I would cope better . I want to tell you not to worry but I know you will lol . I just want to say hang in there , don’t push yourself . If you want to stay in bed do it . I spent most of my time in bed . I went for a six mile dg walk this morning in the beautiful winter sunshine , I come off my antidepressants and all other meds . Life is good again . Your daughter sounds wonderful, let her help you , especially with the tablet sheet . It’s a bit overwhelming at first with all the tablets you’ll have to take . I used to call it my bush tucker trial . Sending you a gentle hug XX

  • Hi Nelly B thank you for your reply. So glad you are off the ads and other meds. I wish my doctor would let me go back on diazepam, I think they are the only ones that work. I never take as much as I should so I don’t know why I can’t take them again. I got off them and was fine. Hopefully when i get the first infusion and out of the unknown it might get better (ha ha)! I did take the tablets last year but I’ve been told this is a stronger dose. I. Went for a walk around the serpentine in Hyde park, haven’t walked that far in ages, not as far as your walk. You are an inspiration to me that you can do this. I’m scared stiff, I keep crying, it’s always the waiting. Once again thank you for replying. Sending hugs. Xx

  • Hi Nelly1955 . I’m exactly the same , only took half the recommended dose of diazepam because I was scared of getting hooked . Everything was such a worry . My colorectal nurse put me in touch with the hospital psychiatrist which really helped . I also started a journal and wrote in it every day . I poured all my anxiety and anger out in it . I’ve burnt it now as it upset me to read it back but it made me realise how far I’ve come . I will always be an anxious person and I can’t change that but I’m learning to live with it . You are stronger than you think . Lots of love XX

  • Hi Nelly B thank you for your reply and thank you for sharing about your anxiety, the diazepam and your journal , which I may take up and I’m not surprised that you burnt it. I’m so glad that you are getting on so well. Sending hugs xx