Oxaliplaitin induced cold sensitivity - how long does it last for you?

Hi Everyone. Just enjoying my treatment free week before starting round 2 of CAPOX on Monday. I will be having a conversation with one of the chemo ward nurses tomorrow to check the toxic side effects I experienced in cycle 1. So my question is for anyone else on Oxy - how long did your cold sensitivity last? I still had regular tingles well over a week in and very occasional tingles in my fingers 2 weeks after IV. I was out a walk on the hills (just a short one) 14 days after IV and it was about 10 degrees, I had on gloves and the tips of my fingers tingled until I got properly warm with walking. Also when I took a metal can out of the fridge same day. Just be interested to see how that compares with other folk. Seems to have lasted quite a long time for me, especially for first cycle.  But that may be the norm? IV arm still a bit tender too!

Appreciate hearing from others.



  • Hi Beth,

     I needed to keep my gloves on all the time for at least the first two weeks of each cycle although the first few days were definitely the worst. It was last Feb-April so the weather was cold. And I needed gloves for the fridge for the whole time I was on chemo. The dose was reduced for my second cycle which helped the other side effects but not the reaction to cold. My arm and hand were also very sore. I had my second infusion just above my wrist rather than into the back of my hand and it helped. You will get through it and hopefully it will all be worth it.  I hope the rest of your chemo goes well xx

  • Thanks Veggie Lady. That's really helpful, I'm just pulling my list of side effects together for the call and realise it was 10 days in before I could drink room temp water - I'd forgotten that. Helpful info re IV site and dose reduction. I'll see what they say. I'm dreading the winter though, as I absolutely 'have' to get outside everyday or I'd go mad. maybe just layer up the gloves and get a balaclava!

  • A balaclava is a great idea! Like you, I have to be outside, and I amassed a huge collection of huge scarves! I have just read your profile and it sounds like you are doing really well. I think there are lots and ups and downs for all of us on here. I am very impressed that your usual step count is 15k...mine is 11k but on days 3-5 of each cycle I only managed a few hundred. Chemo was a challenge for me but I came out smiling in the end!  I wish you a smooth and successful experience x

  • I just read your profile too - I am so glad you’re outcome was so good! Fantastic really. Very pleased for you. I have to be clear though my chemo step count has been much less - 11,500 last week or so but first few days after IV were Not that I’m obsessed you understand Grinning

  • Hi glad you doing ok how do you manage to do your steps