Nodules on Lungs

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer last May. I had surgery in June and was then told it had spread to my liver. I had 3 months of Xelox and then in November liver resection which was successful. I then had more chemo as a mop up which finished earlier this month. I recently had a CT scan and met my oncologist yesterday hoping for good news. I was devastated to be told that there are 3 nodules on my lungs. At the moment they are very small, too small for treatment so another scan in 3 months to see if there are any changes. I think I’m in shock at the moment as she said that any treatment would not be curative so now I’m thinking worst case scenario. Right now my emotions are all over the place and I just need to vent/share with other people who may have been through something similar. 

  • All the best 

    Looking forward to hearing you are safely through it all .

    so good to hear you are back at work . Well done and I am sure you are loving it .

    Your treatment sounds to be going in a great direction !


  • Thank you Hope you and your mum are keeping well. Hopefully a bit more freedom for everyone and it's so lovely seeing the countryside coming to life again.

    A bit of sunshine would perk us all up.

    Take care xx

  • The sun is cheering us all up and getting out a bit more is making such a difference.

    Mum’s new meds and I think the last lockdown have had a bit of an impact but I think she is turning a corner and picking up .

    Hope your family is well too! My sons are both sitting exams tomorrow! 
    All the best with your scan when it comes but it sounds good !


  • Thank you Court, had the treatment. Went in Thursday out Friday. Praying it works. Nelly

  • Hi Phoebe 21. It’s unbelievable that so much has changed in a year. I really feel for young people, there lives have been put on hold. All the celebrations we take for granted put on hold. It must be so wonderful being back at work. Wishing you all the best when your scan comes up.the treatment I had wasn’t too bad. I do feel really tired today. I can’t wait until more restrictions are lifted. Love and kindness to us all sending hugs Nelly xx

    1. Hi Marianne, I don’t know if you will see this. I keep googling. It doesn’t seem to have be overly for this radiofrequensy ablation. I so bad at asking questions I just want to get out. I’m not  feeling great nausea chills aches. Did they tell you straight away. I know they said I will have a scan in a month. They did give me one the next morning afraid I had it on my lungs. Everything seems ok. Sorry I rambling I think it’s fear!
  • Hi Nelly, Yes, I also had a CT Scan the next morning...but I had to wait a month before my scan to see the results of the RFA procedure on my Lung. No - they can't tell you straight away.You have to have a CT scan to determine whether the procedure worked. Just try & be patient, & wait for your CT scan.

    Best wishes, Marianne x

  • Hi Marianne, thank you for your reply. I do agree I need to be patient.  Just lucky to have another treatment that’s not surgery. Take care Nellyxx