What was your timescale from diagnosis to receiving treatment?

What was everyone’s timescale from official diagnosis to receiving treatment whether it be surgery, chemo or radiotherapy? 

I’m still waiting 2 months later for treatment from official diagnosis after a colonoscopy. 

  • Ist Feb 2019 I was diagnosed at a colonoscopy, operation on 4 March, brought forward a week as deemed urgent, and there had been a cancellation. Sorry you are not fixed yet. ((Hugs))

  • oh no you still haven’t heard ? What have your team said about what your hospitals plan is to resume surgery ? 

  • Apparently they’re still playing catch-up and can’t say when I’ll have a date. Normally many operations would be preformed each week but it’s limited now. Don’t what more I can do.

  • I suppose it’s good that they are at least doing some surgery. My colorectal department couldn’t do any as there wasn’t any Green areas available. Hopefully they will get to you soon . If you feel that they aren’t giving you enough info you could contact the PALS team at the hospital to discuss your wait . It all seems to change daily so you might get a phone call when you least expect it . Xx

  • It was 71 days from CT scan diagnosing cancer last September to starting chemotherapy, surgery was originally planned at about 45 days but the PET scan showed spread so that made me inoperable. There was a lack of communication, my surgeon was on holiday when the PET scan results came in, nobody else from the MDT took any action, so I'd started to self isolate for the op and wasn't refered to oncology until after I had seen the surgeon to be told I was inoperable. Starting chemotherapy was delayed simply due to the numbers needing to be treated.

    These days if there is a delay or an unexpected communication I phone or email straight away.

    Good luck with getting on with your treatment. It's definitely worth trying all possible lines of communication. 


  • Thank you for your reply. The lack of communication is horrible. Ve not heard from the hospital in weeks even though I was told a Nurse would call me weekly. To be honest I get more help and support from forums then the hospital. I will call them again next week to ask if there’s any developments.

  • I was given a named nurse at the surgery stage, and another when i moved to the oncologists. Both of them were helpful, I usually have to leave a message, but if they dont get back straight away, they usually manage  to call me within one working day, and if they don't get an answer from me they keep on trying. 

    Do you have a name nurse you can call Scared_Mummy? 


  • I’ve found a card with a named Macmillan nurse but I’ve not heard anything from her, I guess I could phone her tomorrow to see what’s happening. 

  • Definitely phone today, best wishes x


  • I was given my nurses name and met her when I went to meet the Colorectal surgeon for my diagnosis. I’m not sure she was Macmillan but definitely a member of the colorectal team . On occasion I have also telephoned my colorectal surgeons secretary if I had a question - she then got the nurse to call me back with the answer . I’m afraid I’m some cases you have to be an advocate for your own health - so please do start chasing for some answers .