Stomach pain.

My wife has small bowel cancer and is getting a lot of pain round her stomach area.

She has not been prescribed any pain killers and paracetamol dont really work.

What tablets could she take?

The  last few days she has been getting up on a morning but within an hour she has to go back to bed.

She finished chemo on the 21st december but since then is always tired and energyless.

  • Hi Court.

    She does feel better today regarding energy but she has problems with the constipation.

    She takes the laxatives but then has horrible pains and gripes.

    Its a vicious circle with the constipation.

  • That is so accurate and I don’t think other people realise just how difficult constipation can be . 
    I hope she has a better day today and can enjoy some of the energy she has .

    Take care ,


  • My wife had her tea tonight and within 30 mins she got really bad pain in her upper stomach.

    I read it can take 2-4 hours for food to reach the small bowel so goodness knows what this pain is.

  • Hi ,

    Have you thought about running that by her GP? Just wondering if it might be worth a try to make sure nothing obvious is being missed . Does she have any acid reflux ? 

  • Sorry that went before I meant it to. No history of ulcers or anything along those lines . 
    Might be worth asking her GP to see her to assess this a bit further . 
    Take care  ,


  • Hi Court.

    No history of ulcers or anything like that.

    Just seeing how she goes today.


  • My wife was admitted to the oncology day ward today for the pain.

    They gave her a ct scan and her tumours have spread which they think is causing the pain.

    They have told her to cut out breakfast cereals and gave her some bottles of vitamin drinks.

    They also told her which painkillers to take.

    Todays doctor is meeting with the oncologist next week to decide the next course of chemo.

  • Hi 

    I am really sorry to hear that and so glad they have given her a ct scan . I take it they plan to get her stabilised again with chemo ? 
    It is hard to begin with to get a feel of how individuals cancer behaves but you will see quite a few people that stay on a maintenance dose of chemo and that is what is needed for them . My own mum always had quite quick regrowth off chemo . But to be fair she always got it back under control .

    You also might want to find out a bit more about her cell type now to see if she is suitable for any of the Immunotherapy treatments .

    Most importantly I am glad she is getting the pain under control . That must have been very really awful for her .

    I also know just how emotionally dismantling it is to see your loved one admitted to hospital and the fear of the scans . But they will quickly pull a new plan together for her . She has a good oncologist.
    I hope you can get a wee rest yourself as it knows you sideways .

    Take care ,


  • Thanks Court.

    Your replies are always comforting for me and yes to see a loved one going through it is awful.

    I feel sick every morning with worry,not eating properly and lost a stone in weight but thats nothing to what my wifes going through.

  • It’s so tough ! But I think her oncologist sounds attentive and will get her a new plan now she has more insight into the way she responds .

    I was interested to read she only had a half dose as well ! Is that correct ? She did really well .

    But I am relieved she is getting all her needs attended to . 

    You are a good team together .