Colon cancer

Hi I had surgery nearly 3 weeks ago to remove an 11cm tumour from my colon which went to the presacrel tissue. I believe they got it all but am still waiting for histology to come back. I have had an ileostomy which is temporary and I’m doing ok managing this. After the op I didn’t really have pain but was uncomfortable and sore around my tummy where they cut me. But as time has gone on I’m really feeling uncomfortable on my bum cheeks, like if you’ve been sitting on a hard chair all day. This is getting to an ache now and is constant.  I’ve started taking paracetamol and putting a hot water bottle against it to help. But why is this? Is it the nerve endings? Has anyone else experienced this? 

  • Hi . Yes this sounds pretty normal - it takes about 5 weeks for your insides to settle down and heal but give your nurse a ring if you’re worried? I found I had a dull ache at the bottom of my spine/top of my bottom which hurt when I sat down and the nurse said it was normal healing and, as I was doing a bit more walking about, to take it a bit easier the next day?

    Hope your histology comes back soon

    Karen x

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  • Thank you Karen that puts me at ease. 
    My histology came back today T4. And of the 17 nodes they removed 2 were positive. So I’m waiting to see my oncologist and I’m assuming I’ll be offered chemo.

  • Hi . I had 2/17 affected too! Yes you’ll probably be offered 3 months of chemo so post again when you know what you’re having (probably capecitabine and oxaliplatin?) and we can send you a link to our handy hints thread 

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  • I will thanks that would be great. So would you think that will be intravenous? I had capecitabine in tablets when I had radiotherapy before op to shrink it. 

  • Capecitabine is always tablets. The oxaliplatin if that’s the regime you will have is I/V. 
    if you can’t face the tablets you might be offered  I/V leukovorin (LV) 

  • Hi . Yes the oxaliplatin is given intravenously and the capecitabine in tablet form again but a stronger doseage than with the radiotherapy. There are other combinations though and your oncologist will discuss the best option with you x

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  • Thank you for that info. I had a us scan yesterday, I believe that’s to see how I’m healing? Not sure. But I’ve got follow up with my oncologist on 14th June. 
    See what the plan is.