Colon Polyp with High Grade Dysplasia

Hello, I wonder if anyone can help please?  I had a large sigmoid polyp removed, follow up letter says low grade dysplasia, with a foci of high grade dysasia.  Sigmoidoscopy to check base in 6 months time.  Does this mean part of the polyp was cancerous?   Still having low level tummy pain but no other symptoms.  Just wondering if anyone had something similar please.  Little worried.  Thank you.

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    Welcome to the forum . Our staff on the helpline would be happy to help decode  this for you . 0808 808 0000.

    I am not a Dr so frightened my understanding is wrong but they are inclined to tell you if they think it’s cancerous . Some cells may be pre cancerous and better removed , but that does not necessarily mean they are currently cancerous .

    But please contact your consultant or the hospital too as they will happily put your mind at rest . The medical language is hard to interpret but please phone the helpline and they will talk you through it .

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  • Thank you for responding Court.  I will take your advice.