Hi all after my CEA levels were marginally raised in April and I went into panic mode, after a very anxious 4 week wait my scan was clear no sign of reoccurrence.

I'm hoping this isn't going to be a thing everytime I get my bloods I get a scan its so stressful Tired face  the worst thing was I got the results on 16th April and my consultant had reviewed them on  the 3rd talk about keeping you in scan anxiety.

  • Excellent news  once they get a feel for how your CEA behaves then hopefully it will not be so anxiety inducing . My mum’s behaved in a reliable way for around nine years then something started to influence them . Couple of false spikes so at that point the oncologist had to factor in it was no longer the reliable reading for her it once had been . Unfortunately it takes time for the team to get a feel for them .

    Just  delighted for you .Yippee !

    Long may it continue .


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  • Thanks Court.

     Fingers crossed it continues x