aggressive tumour???

Four weeks post op and just got my results back. Not really what I wanted to hear.

The tumour was aggressive that was removed but they say there may be a chance of cells still floating around?

Im going to see the oncologist to see what he suggest,it may be more chemo? 

Just having trouble processing it.......

  • Hi mine was stage 3 and aggressive I also was told chemo as a belt and braces ,just in case anything floating about.

    I took it as I wanted to throw everything possible at it

    If you look at my bio you will see that 2 1/2 yrs on Im doing fine

    All the best with whatever you decide


  • Thanks for that. I will have i if I can? Glad your doing well. 

  • Hi 

    My mum’s tumour was not that aggressive if you look at her cell type but had been in there long enough to set up camp ! I hear her cell type being described as aggressive but I think it was more a case of being undetected . Did they say what aspect they regard as aggressive ? 

    My friends daughter had 19 breast tumours all different cell types . Her positives were it had not reached her lymph nodes and was operable despite the magnitude. She is doing fantastic four years later .

    Being operable is a great big tick in the right box .

    If you look at it the other way my mum has seen off over ten liver mets . Right off the scan they went . Many people don’t see how effective and powerful some chemotherapy post op is . My mum went straight to chemo and saw the comparative scans . 
    Glad to hear you are safely through surgery and hope chemo does what it does best .

    Take care ,


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  • Hiya,Just got back from seeing Doctor and he told me good chance of it returning? Hes going to start me on chemo again and see how it goes,it was that or just leave and monitor it?

  • Which chemo are you having? All the best with it,you are giving that cancer the best chance of being gone for good 


  • Hope it goes smoothly with your chemo.  

    Always a draining day at a clinic . Hope your relaxing now .


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  • Im having a picc tube fitted and taking it home with me.its Oxaliplatin-Fluorouracil. Must admit that it shook me when he said about a good chance of coming back. I suppose they have to say it could come back just in case? I have a great wife,family and friends who support me but inside its just starting to get to me. Ive the urine problem since the op because I had my prostate removed 2020 and its leaking all the time. Ill keep positive.....

  • I had capox by cannula and tablets.I decided to "throw everything at it" then I couldnt be wrong!!

    All the best