May 2022 Catch up thread !

So the month of better weather begins . Well we hope it does .

Been trying to stay out of my sons way as they both have exams . Spent yesterday up cleaning out the attic then in the garage painting some furniture. Books all over my house!Grinning.


Was frightened to touch this as it had been damaged on the surface by one of my lovely sons and I did not want to ruin it in the believe it was a nice wood . One quick touch with the sander and I reGrinningised it was MDF . Grinning.

Always wanted to try a more metallic paint so decided to give it a go .

Also the nice people at my insurance company collected my car after a lady ran into the back of me three months ago . Long story . They left me a £50000 car to use for the duration . I thought it was a joke . Now that’s a bit out my comfort zone . But sunglasses on and faking it with the best of them .

Hope you are all having some sunshine .  normally gives me a wee nudge at the start of each month!

Take care ,


  • Let’s see a pic of you in sunglasses driving that car  !

    Onwards and flatwards (don't do hills) and keep walking if you can!

  • Might have to make them big glasses Rofl. But I might try and oblige. RoflRofl

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  • Pity there is no laugh icon now!! (But the additions are very welcome!) Yes a picture would be good!!!

    Rain here, very much needed , nice soft rain or drizzle so it goes in not runs off. Not very inspiring for May though. Sorry , but you remembered, good. And the cabinet looks brilliant. I've been laying out some redundant bonding squares i was given, to make a blanket with instead, as something different to do.

    I've been doing the step up for 30, this last month, and will slowly keep going. Very strange that the 3 respiratory /long covid referrals have all turned up together, will see if they can help! Hopefully May will see the start of improvement!

    Can't go without leaving you this, which turned up on Friday......very apt.

  • Hope the appts are helpful, after waiting so long!  A laugh icon would be great, but I ,too appreciate the new ones we have.

    Onwards and flatwards (don't do hills) and keep walking if you can!

  • Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating. 

    Ballot for the FA cup final was successful for us, so it's back to Wembley on the 14th.  Nice to see the club reaching out to all cultures & religions.



  • “ You want to Bamba ,

    You want to chill with the big boys !”

    RoflRoflRoflRofl. For one week only !

    Can’t add music but this would be my choice if I could .

    Actually it comes with its own stress of keeping it safe . .

    Take care ,


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  • Good on you . That’s an excellent effort . 
    That is so strange that the NHS suddenly propelled into life . I was speaking to a friend last night who is extremely fit and took covid and is stunned at how breathless it has left her . Which is going to be tough for her as exercise is such a big part of her life .

    Hope they go well and they are able to help you in your recovery .

    Love that quote . It’s also funny when you are least expecting it something opens up .

    Turned a little cold tonight.

    Be interested to see what you creat . I am going to try a bit of upholstery in my caravan . Watching a few you tube videos for ideas .

    Have a good evening .


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  • Hope all celebrating are having a lovely time with family and friends .

    I noticed something in the newspaper of another football ground participating this year too .

    Hope your well !


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  • That is exactly how I feel, . I was coming back from chemo slowly but well, then wham. Can only do about 50% of routine chores etc. It does seem to affect the more active ones worse in a way, as they can exist but not live as they used to. I'm not back to where I was after chemo.

    Not sure I'd want to drive that car!!!! I'll stick to my old landy!! But nowadays these come with some stress of keeping them safe.

  • Oh yeah, you look the part !

    Onwards and flatwards (don't do hills) and keep walking if you can!