Having tests to see if I'm diabetic,  my treatment may be coursing it !!!! Sugars are up and down like a yoyo. Not to worried, (I think) as I'm told its treatable. Am watching my diet and being more active.  Don't really need it. Moan over X

  • Treatment side effects , such a frustrating aspect . However delighted it’s not derailed treatment and it has options ! 
    How are you getting on ? Hope life is treating you well !

    Take care ,


  • Hi court I'm fine, beside my sugars.  My nephew visited this morning after an hour smelt an awful smell, went to the kitchen my boiled eggs had exploded on wall and floor, Thinking so I totally  forgot about them. Next scan 10/2/2022 so looking forward to that. Hope your mum is well, take care x