Waiting for scan result

In September I received a Bowel cancer test kit which I did and returned it.I then got a letter saying further tests were needed anda colonoscopy was suggested.I rang up to arrange a appointment for the colonoscopy and when I did I said I was taking blood thiners was told I would need to come off them for five days prior to the colonoscopy.I told my doctor this and he was not happy about it.I then got a phone call from the surgeon saying they wanted to do a CTC scan wich was done on Which was done on December 29th.i.I am still waiting for the result which is making me moreand more anxiousDoes anyone know how long it takes to athese results.In August I had a TIA which is a mini stroke.So all this anxiety is the last thing I need.Have looked up the symptoms od Bowel Cancer and the only thing I may have is constipation.Any advice would be appreciated. 

  • Scan results I had usually took two weeks for a communication from the consultant looking after me. That was the norm for me but as the last result was not good news I ended up chasing it and was promised a reply either by Face to face or Telephone call. I chose a telephone call. My wife had Cancer and she is on blood thinners after a stroke 12 years ago ( Clopidogrel and among other drugs ) and she underwent four operations in Coventry. Every time she had to stop taking the one drug for about 4 days. No problems with doctors and her dentist as well. Must admit to worrying about her not taking it though. She is discharged with regards to Cancer but will be checked occasionally.  Her scan results also took about two weeks before a communication was made. I suggest chasing up might ease concerns.

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    Your GP may have your results if you hear nothing from the hospital . Or give the departments secretary an email . 
    Just a wee bit of encouragement only 10% of FIT tests that are positive is attributed to bowel cancer . Most is other conditions that are non cancerous in nature .

    Hope you are one of the 90% 

    Take care ,


  • I had a phone just now from the Bowel Screening serjvice and they said the CT Scan was normal and gave the all clear.You cannot imagine the way that made me feel.Good luck to all on here and may all your scans show no problems

  • Great news . You can celebrate that one !