Abdominoperineal resection

I am having the above surgery in two weeks.  Any advice would be welcome.  I’m obviously anxious about the procedure and living with a permanent colostomy but if it’s going to save my life then that’s what I have to do.  Thank you

  •  My op is the 25th

    im also really apprehensive on how I’m going to cope with everything, and how I will settle back into normal life when all my friends are going out as normal and making loads of plans , (I just don’t know if I will ever fit in that world again )

    but I was also really apprehensive about the chemo radiotherapy,  and I managed that just fine, Fingers crossed We will both handle what is thrown at us and and come out smiling at some point,  Grin

  • Hi  my mother had APER surgery end of October, it was a very lengthy operation as its quite a big one. My mother was under for about 6hours, the next day my she was sat up, pain was under control, hardly used the morphine button, she did suffer with nausea for a few days so would of been home a day or 2 earlier but was in 8days in total. When she videoed I was in utter shock to how well she looked considering the operation she just had, I prepared myself for her to look awful but she really didn't. She did have a bit of fluid build up on the tail end which resulted in her not being able to sit comfortably unless leaning to one side but after that subsided she sat normally. It only took her a few days to get used to the permanent stoma, she's had no problems with it and has coped amazingly as like yourself she said its saving her life. I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery after your operation. Listen to your body, if your tired you rest, don't over do yourself or push yourself too much.

    All the best

    Rach x

  • Hi I had a panproctocolectomy and the stoma bags are really easy to get used too.really nothing to worry about.

    Click on my name for my bio.and ask anything

    All the best


  • Thank you for the info, makes me feel more positive about it all x

  • Hi Bloody Cancer

    its good news that you have your operation date. I had a different operation to you for rectal cancer and have an ileostomy.   I was worried on how would cope with my stoma but more worried about the cancer.
    Once that’s in the bin you’ll be feeling so much better. The stoma is easy to manage and really no issues there at all. There’s masses of support and you can enjoy all the things you did before.  

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann