Abdominoperineal resection

I am having the above surgery in two weeks.  Any advice would be welcome.  I’m obviously anxious about the procedure and living with a permanent colostomy but if it’s going to save my life then that’s what I have to do.  Thank you

  • Hi  and welcome to the board. Yes it’s a big op but it’s going to get the tumour in the bin and you’ll quickly get used to the colostomy - there’s lots of advice available for that too. If you type APR or APER in the search box at the top of the screen then you’ll see lots of previous posts. I’m also hoping that and  might pop in and share their experience?

    Take care

    Karen x

  • Hi Bloody Cancer

    i don’t really have any advice for you, as I am due to have the same procedure in 2 weeks , I had asked a few questions myself last week , so if you do what Karen suggested and type in APER there might be a few replies to my thread that might help u

    Also just thought it’s nice to know your not alone, and there are others in a similar position x

    good luck

  • Hi NicN

    Thankyou for replying and if it’s ok with you it might be good to stay in touch to support each other after our ops.  Good luck and I hope your op goes ok x

  • That sounds good , when do you have yours ? 
    I had my sighting meeting today, the nurses were really nice, and helped in almost normalising the colostomy bag a little,  but obvs I’m  still scared of the whole situation

    also found out today I won’t be allowed any visitors (bloody covid), will be a long 7-10 days Grin

  • https://community.macmillan.org.uk/cancer_types/bowel-colon-rectum-cancer-forum/f/bowel-colon-rectum-cancer-forum/231181/aper-surgery-questions
     Just adding the link for  thread . Hope both your surgeries go smoothly . There is also the PM facility if you want to make direct contact . Just send a friends request by clicking on the persons name and pressing the + sign .

    Take care ,


  • Hi Both,

    My husband is currently in hospital with a blockage. Although his operation was fairly straightforward, we've had problems with his stoma working. Because he has been in longer than 2 weeks I have been allowed to visit once a week. If this happens to you make sure your one visitor has either proof of all vaccinations, or a present lateral flow test. (I take both, just in case) I saw one lady turned away the other day because she had neither!

  • Thanks for the heads up NannyAnny

    i was told yesterday I won’t be able to have any visitors during my stay Frowning2, but if that does change I will bear this in mind 

  • It might depend on your hospital. We are under Portsmouth. But the rules are on the web page. If you are in for longer than 2 weeks, if you need a carer, or its end of life, you are allowed one visitor per week. I thought it would have to be the same day every week, but that's not so. As long as its one visit per week it doesn't matter when. I visited on Thursday last week, then Monday (his birthday) this week. It does mean we'll have to wait longer for the next visit!! Thank goodness for phones that can email, and at least you can ring for a chat!!

  • I have my op on the 26th Jan.  I had a meeting with a stoma nurse on Monday and I am concerned I won’t be able to cope with the bags but I’m sure with support I will be ok.  When is your op? X