Advanced colon cancer

Hi how is everyone hope all ok has anyone had chemotherapy first what was it like for you I'm having mine this week scared appreciate anybody's answers to help me through

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    I will ask my mum for you and pop in later with her reply !


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    This is a general information leaflet just for your own reading !

    However my mum’s info is as follows . The first one did not greatly impact her ! The infusion was done in the unit and the nurses made everything very calm ! They went through the process with her . She used a cannula to get hers administered. She was able to read as the infusion was carried out ! The nurses made sure she was comfortable. She could take an iPad or music to help pass the time !

    She was given the chemo tablets to take home ! She found the first twelve hours after the infusion quite tiring and just had a bowl  of soup and straight to bed . But half way through the night she felt as though it had past . The steroids kept her a bit sleepless for a few night !

    After she came of the steroids she crashed a bit for a day or two then surfaced ! She thinks you will do fine but was a bit anxious too until she was more familiar with the process !

    Remember a scarf and gloves to keep the cold air from your face !

    Be good to yourself and she wishes you all the very best and hopes it shrinks well for you ! 
    What day do you start your chemotherapy?

    We shall be thinking of you !


  • Hi on the 20th next Friday I'm having a picc line in tom

  • Thank you for the support

  • Hi forgot to ask did your mum have problems with bleeding from her back passage sorry to ask

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    No problem at all . She actually did not have s as my visual blood that she was aware of but must have had as she was picked up through the bowel screening program ! She had no other obvious symptoms .

    All the best for tomorrow.

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