Oct 21 catch up thread !

Welcome October and I think it’s only appropriate to wish BowelBabe a very special 40th birthday !

A tough struggle at times for her to endure all she has come through to reach this milestone birthday ! But she is  another one who lives a good life in spite of a difficult diagnosis! 
Her fundraising and awareness work is quite incredible but she is also just fun so I hope she has a wonderful birthday weekend ! 
It’s also a family birthday here and caring is sharing so this is for all the birthday girls !

There is always one wee star that just won’t stand up !  This is the last of my September Sunsets ! Just before we literally saw winter clouds forming over the hills and knew deep down the seasons had just change !

I would love your fire !

Lots of love to all who are pushing through treatment just now . Those stage 4 stats are slowly being pushed forward by some pretty determined people !


  • What a lovely picture @Court - both the cake and the clouds! Well we finally gave in and popped the heating on last night on the pretence that we were checking the new radiator was working! The torrential rain woke me at 5am and then I was pegging the washing out at 10 in the sunshine albeit still pretty windy. That’s just reminded me  that we need some more smokeless brick thingies for the fire then I can be a good wifey and have a nice fire going in the log burner when my hubby gets home from work Stuck out tongue winking eye

  • Mine went on too  but unfortunately it “fake” all the way here ! A log burner sounds fab !

    It has been a right wet day today . My poor son had a puncture in it too!

    Candles on and so is my new purchase ! A heated throw ! That might have been a good option for the chemo care thread ! Really works a treat !

    Have a good weekend everyone !


  • Hi Court, always put up lovely pictures. Thank you Nelly55

  • Grotty wet day today. At least, as they always say, with logs you get warm 3 times: cutting, splitting and burning!! We need to do more of the first 2, but today will concentrate on the last!!

    Saw this and it provoked some thoughts. Would love to hear what you guys all think!! Stay safe!

  • So true , love your philosophical posts x

    Onwards and flatwards (don't do hills) and keep walking if you can!

  • Love it ! My profession had the Phoenix rising from the ashes on their badge ! I love that thought ! 

    I shall view mosaics in a different way now !

    I replanted a rose that was not doing so well in my mum’s garden in a spot that is full of sunshine ! Initially it lost all its leaves ! I was about to pull it out for dead but she would not let me but watered it carefully . Each time I am round she makes me go and look at it ( a lot) . I kind of mentioned it to her and she said but it’s just like me it’s trying really , really hard to keep going !  Had a wee lump in my throat . Now willing it through winter !


  • Aah, I can relate to that rose......

  • With me it was a cherry tree with black fly. It survived and is flourishing!

    Onwards and flatwards (don't do hills) and keep walking if you can!

  • Hello Court, what lovely photos. Yes, bowel babe is a great person. Lobe the birthday cake. You photo of the sea and sky is magical. Beautiful nature