Catheta after stoma operation

Hi all, 

My husband had his stoma operation on the 13th, had lots of problems but he seems to have turned a corner now. However every time they take the catheta out he can not empty his bladder, has anyone else experienced this. He now has to come home with this still in place. Thankyou.

  • Hi I just dropped by and noticed you've not yet had a reply to your post I'm sorry to say. I myself have a different cancer and didn't have those procedures so I'm really sorry I can't help. As no-one here has been along to chat it may be no-one else has had the problem so you could type your question into the search bar at the top of the page where you might find some answers.

    I sincerely hope it's now been sorted out. If not could I advise you give the Macmillan Support help, freephone number shown below and speak to a nurse.

    I hope your hubby's still making steady progress.

    Sending gentle hugs, B xx

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    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

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  • Thanks MrsBJH,

    Dave is having a TWOC, trial without catheter tomorrow, we have everything crossed, the stoma enough to deal with without anything else. Here's hoping. X

  • Hi MrsBJH

    Dave having a TWOC, trial without catherta tomorrow, we have everything crossed, it's been in over 4 weeks now, the stoma is enough to deal with x

  • All the best with today’s procedure . I sincerely hope it works for him!

    Also a belated welcome to the forum ! I missed a couple of post ! It must have been a busy day but you are very welcome and I hope we can support you both as you navigate through this chapter in your lives !

    You might also find our helpline useful ! 0808 808 0000. They can access Macmillan nurses which can be a good resource too!

    Take care ,


  • Thanks court, at this very moment I am making him drink lots of fluid to encourage the bladder to work, fingers crossed.

  • Well done you ! A team effort for sure ! Willing it to work from rainy Scotland !


  • Hi all, TWOC was eventually successful after a anxious 24 hours but we seem to have turned a corner now. Went to see surgeon yesterday and colostomy opp all OK, found cancer in one lymph note so now been referred to oncologist at christies, to discuss chemo 

    Thanks all for your support 

  • Hi and good to hear that Dave is finally on the mend. Let us know how the meeting with the oncologist goes - there’s lots of info on here to help him through the chemo

    Take care

    Karen x

  • Brilliant news  what relief to overcome that hurdle ! Onwards !