Bowel obstructions (colostomy)

Hi my husband had pelvic exteneration 4 months ago was doing really well but twice in 3 weeks he has had a blockage admitted to hospital again but struggling had a nasal tube to take pressure off stomach still no output he is excrutiating pain. Cant get veins so cannula keeps failing scan showed adhesions no treatment yet will this keep happening ? How can we help with diet and fluid ? He was doing so well but this keeps knocking his confidence and hes very down again .

  • Hi and I’m sorry to hear that your hubby is struggling - I’ve heard that an ng tube is not very nice at all. It seems strange that he was doing so well and now has started with the problems unless it’s the adhesions that are forming as his body repairs? 
    Has he changed anything in his diet at all? There are certain foods like nuts, popcorn, coconut that can clog together and block the colostomy. I’ve attached a link to a page which has some good information on how various foods can affect the output. Staying hydrated is really important too and that may be why they’re struggling to find a vein.

    Most importantly he must remember to chew, chew, chew before swallowing so that his food is broken down as much as possible. Perhaps you could give his stoma nurse a ring and see if he/she has some advice?

    Hope the blockage clears and he’s home soon

    Take care

    Karen x

  • Hi karen thank you for replying .they think he has 2 adhesions that are sticking together and as you say could be as his body is healing this is his second major surgery as .when 1st diagnosed in feb 2018 he had a trans anal mesorectal excision he also had sepsis on numerous occasions due to collections unfortunately the cancer returned im april 2019 and was told inoperable but thankfully a different surgeon perfromed pelvic exteneration in may this year so understandably lots of scar tissue which is probably causing these adhesions fingers crossed they can resolve it everytime he has a setback he knocks his confidence hope you are well 

  •  sorry to hear that your husband has had further problems with adhesions after coming through such extensive surgery.

    I developed adhesions after my anterior resection. I did not have anything like your husband had to undergo, but they still developed. I had several episodes of obstruction, Once I needed an operation to divide the adhesions, but all the other times it settled on its own with an NG tube and a drip. I decided in the end I had had enough of it, and now I only eat minced food. Everything goes into the food processor, veg, meat , the lot. 
    I can eat bread, porridge, etc and of course fish, which breaks up easily in the mouth. It is a real nuisance, but it has given me confidence and freed me of the worry that it is going to happen again. 
    Good luck to both of you .

    Onwards and flatwards (don't do hills) and keep walking if you can!

  • Sorry to hear that your husband has had blockages. My husband also was admitted twice where his mass was pushing against his small bowel. So so much pain. Pensive On the last admission the doctors decided a pureed diet would be the best and touch wood this has been.I tried nutri bulletting the same food as mine, that was laughable. We now order from Oakhouse foods. Great service, the food is abit samey but he's put abit of weight back on. Hope this helps. Take care. 


  • Thank you hes had a scan today and it seems his bowel has dropped into his pelvis they dont want to do surgery so soon after his other operations so its a wait and see if it corrects itself .

  • Hi 

    Around that stage in recovery my mum had a trip to A and E and we were convinced from the CT scan her regenerating liver had migrated a bit to the midline ! I guess there are internal voids left ! Not that there is any science in that ! She did have suspected adhesions around then too ! If she did not eat regularly and sit facing her food issues occurred. Every time she was out for a meal she had problems the next day and she though twisting to chat up and down the table was actually impacting her ! She had to be very careful eating for a day or two !

    All these things did settle with time but not easy to go through !

    Hope he is comfortable and it sorts itself out quickly!


  • How is your son getting on ?

    Hope he is keeping better !


  • Hi court my sons colonoscopy was clear and they took biopsies from.his oesophagus they think he has something called EOE too many white blood cells caused by an allergy or something that creates an inflammatory response thank you for asking hope you are well . 

  • What a relief  that was a horrible extra layer of stress but something can hopefully be done to treat that ! 
    Hope your husband starts to improve ! 
    Mum has really picked up this summer ! Think lockdown and her new meds took its toll but she is fighting back !

    Take care ,