Year colonoscopy

Hi got my call back from nurse a little while ago, she said I was discussed in today’s MDT  meeting.  I wasn’t expecting a call until tomorrow. She asked how I was then asked what I was told. I told her two polyps found, 1 was taken away, 1 cancerous he couldn’t get it.. She said the test results have come back inconclusive. I wasn’t just told it was cancer I was told it was definitely cancer. When I went for my original colonoscopy I was watching on screen, she told me there and then it was cancer and it was. I thank God they spoke to my husband and my daughter was on loud speaker and repeated it to them. I am going to have another colonoscopy in about two weeks but they don’t have to do the whole of the bowel this time just the the lower part. So I’m left in limbo, been super anxious and the wait goes on Nell55

  • Hi Court. I spoke to the chemo nurse, so  all I really know which I had to be direct and ask outright, so she went into the computer and confirmed what I asked. She would not give me any details but I’m being diognoised at Thursday’s MDT. I have got an appointment that was already in place for the 30 th that is with the surgeon. This nurse won’t budge an inch with anything but I will be asking about chemo. I feel very scared because I just don’t know anything. If it’s small but deep is it early? Part of me wants to know but another part I don’t want to hear. July 4th clear scans, so I’m hoping I’m ok. My sciatica is just niiggles now I I had blood tests on Saturday because I went to A&E my liver kidney and pancreas function working well.Thank you for replying I really do appreciate the people on this site Nelly 55 xx

  • Hi Artsie, I went to hypnotherapist. I am going again next week. I didn’t think it would work but I couldn’t move and tried to resist and was surprised I feel calmer. It was weird, well what ever it takes. Take care Nelly55 xx

  • All your feelings are perfectly normal Nelly. I’m in the position you were when you had your liver treated and it’s just horrible. The fact it might have come back  only a year later must be so distressing for you. My oncologist mentioned radio frequency ablation but they are waiting to see what chemo does first. The final decision won’t be made by my hospital as it’s too specialist for them so I find myself having to wait even longer. I had my scan yesterday so will find out in a few weeks what my treatment plan is, I really hope your polyp turns out to be benign. Sending you positive thoughts and a big hug xx

  • I’m sorry Nelly, my reply jumped pages so only just seen your update confirming cancer. I am so sorry. I hope you get a thorough update after MDT on Thursday. I know it’s difficult but try to stay off google and concentrate on happy things whilst waiting for the update xx

  • Hi Nelly, thanks for the update on your experience with the hypnotist. I’m really pleased that you found it relaxing and it gave you a sense of calm. It can be really beneficial to have a mental holiday from the stress of what cancer causes. You take care of yourself. Artsie  

  • Hi thank you Artsie, I work up still anxious but I will try him a bit more because he gives you a technique  to practice at home which is a bit of visualisation. At the moment hoping the now niggly pains in my leg and back is just sciatica. They were so bad a few weeks ago now I’ve been off pain killers for about three or four weeks  the pain is in the background but I can at least sleep on my right side again. No problem walking and I feel my top of my leg and pain over my knee has improved  but the thought is always there at the moment. In so sick of being all consumed with this disease but I  have retreated back into my shell , not facing thing much at the moment.. hope you are getting stronger everyday. Nelly xx

  • Hi EttaJ,I’m afraid it is cancer back in the colon. When I went for the colonoscopy the date for the surgeon was already in place for the 30 th.. I can’t believe I’ve not got through one set of clear scans to the next. My liver was a incidental find. I was so small nearly missed it was quickly dealt with, well it feels like it was. I was fine after the ablation. I do kind of visit bowel babe I can’t believe all what she has  done. Can I asked did they do chemo on your liver to get rid of it or shrink it? Is this the whole point of surveillance to catch it quick?  I think I shall nick name us the waiting wonders !, Nelly55 xx

  • Nelly 1955. Sorry to hear you’re going through this, I felt the same when I was waiting for a treatment plan, every pain, twinge I experienced made me assume it was cancer.  I thought I was going mad.    
    Sciatica is extremely painful and takes a long while to clear I had an injury years ago, I was in agony and that’s not being a drama queen,I couldn’t even have the quilt touch my toe. so it’s possible that’s it’s in the background.

    I’m thinking of you. Be kind to yourself

    Take care ArtsieAnn 

  • Thank you Artsie, I had it before the colonoscopy and I started thinking then. I had to have strong pain relief but I haven’t taken any pain killers for about 3 weeks. It has got better just a bit sore. It’s just every pain heightens the fear. I haven’t been as active as I have been, this time I felt extremely low and I sound like a sad sack, I just thought I might have got to my October scams without too much worry. I know the feeling of thinking your going mad. I just think love and kindness to us all Nelly 55 xx

  • You’re not a sad sack. You’re human and expressing how you feel. I was told by my daughter,” Go outside somewhere quiet, just let it out and scream.  I haven’t done that yet but just imagine how liberating it could be, but how embarrassing would it be if someone heard me and came running over to help. So I feel sometimes we are trapped with our emotions and turmoil. 

    Be kind to yourself.

    love and kindness to you. Artsie