Year colonoscopy

Hi got my call back from nurse a little while ago, she said I was discussed in today’s MDT  meeting.  I wasn’t expecting a call until tomorrow. She asked how I was then asked what I was told. I told her two polyps found, 1 was taken away, 1 cancerous he couldn’t get it.. She said the test results have come back inconclusive. I wasn’t just told it was cancer I was told it was definitely cancer. When I went for my original colonoscopy I was watching on screen, she told me there and then it was cancer and it was. I thank God they spoke to my husband and my daughter was on loud speaker and repeated it to them. I am going to have another colonoscopy in about two weeks but they don’t have to do the whole of the bowel this time just the the lower part. So I’m left in limbo, been super anxious and the wait goes on Nell55

  • I’m sorry you are going through this. My story is similar so I know how stressful and worrying it is. One day at a time. With best wishes Artsie. 

    • Hello Artsie, thank you for replying. My head is all over the place. If the guy that did my  colonoscopy was so certain,  it was cancer, then in a MDT meeting inconclusive. Yes I’m praying it’s not cancer but he was certain it was. My nurse said obviously they didn’t want to give me treatment if it wasn’t cancer. I’m sorry you went through similar, it is all the waiting that causes so much uncertainty and most of all anxiety.  Hope you are doing well, love Nelly55 xx
  • Just found out why inconclusive, spoke. to chemo nurse again this morning, she said given to the treatment I’ve had can still have whatever and can still be a bit sore but I was higher end of one test so I’m now assuming it is cancer. Also I’m having the repeat colonoscopy on Sunday. So at least whatever it is I can start getting sorted. Nelly 55

  • I’m not sure they should be using the C word yet. I wasn’t told until it was definitely diagnosed. I thought it and I had the image in my head. I had a colonoscopy finding a four inch polyp. CT and MRI then a endoscopy with ultra sound and photos with measurements which then revealed the depth of the thing. Then the surgeon told us he thought the type of cancer I had needed to be got out quickly. It was big but contained. Please take care of yourself. These early days are so frightening but once you know what you’re dealing with you can focus on the treatment.     
    best wishes. Artsie 

  • , sorry to hear your predicament, and wishing you well for Sunday. ((Hugs))

  • Thank you Artsie. Thank you for replying. I thought I was going to have to wait another two weeks for colonoscopy, but I’m going in tomorrow. I’m surprised because last one was certain diet, isolate for3 days and Covid test. So I’ve just stayed in for 2 days. I’m so worried because I only finished treatment last October, so I’m sick with worry. Nelly55 xx

  • Thank you Gemmary, I want to hang onto the possibility of it not being cancer, but I don’t know what the test was that I’m the higher end of but that doesn’t sound promising. It’s small I just wished they could just pull it out! Nelly55 xx

  • Nelly 1955. It is frightening. I feel for you and I’m keeping fingers crossed that they can tell you exactly what is going on. Thank goodness they’re moving quickly as waiting just causes more stress. With very best wishes Artsie

  • Hi Artsie, sorry it took so long to answer, I went away and no WiFi for my iPad. I had my colonoscopy last Sunday. I don’t know the outcome because I was handed a report this time of what was done. It is a deep submucusal invasion with a lot of medical terms at which I’m thinking is pointing to cancer. I did say it looks like an ulcer and I know there is some sort of scaring in that region because of radiotheraphy. I have an appointment on the 30th hoping I get to speak to someone before then. Sending hugs xx

  • Hi Nelly, No problem on your reply going away without WiFi sounds the perfect way to have a break. I’d love to do that however I’m unable to travel far at the moment as still healing.  I hope you get some positive diagnosis on 30th and next steps. You take care. Artsie