Bowel cancer spread to para aortic lymph nodes

Hi can anyone share with me their experience good or bad of bowel cancer that has spread to para aortic lymph nodes? My husbands bowel cancer is now in these nodes and he is now palliative for this reason.

  • Thanks Court, bit of  a bumpy ride so far, was having palliative chemo but told they might consider operating  at a later date, presumably depending on response to chemo. However my guts decided otherwise and emergency operation at the beginning of June. Slowly building up my strength now. How is your Mother doing?

  • Sorry to hear this after a colonoscopy last week we were told he's bowel is clear but because of the nodes he still remains palliative we are at consent clinic this morning to do the paper work for the immunotherapy x

  • Thank you for the information it is much appreciated. Stay strong xx

  • She is doing great thank you ! A few very intense years of treatment / surgery which you know is never straightforward and lots of bumps to endure along the road but she just kept slowly moving forward and grabbed the surgical windows of opportunity that chemo opened up . 

    Hope your getting your strength back up ! Sorry you had to have an emergency procedure but I felt better with my mum in her second year of chemo after the primary was removed it was one less worry about blockages and also less work for the chemo to do! Hope you start to feel an improvement with your strength and then the chemotherapy can get to work on that last area !

    I think it is hard having to be adaptable to competing priorities with your body and my mum had a few emergency admissions but she was good at resetting her expectations and seeing what her body needed at each point ! Dealt with it as it surfaced and kept moving forward.

    Easy to say once you put a bit of distance between it . My mum was on palliative chemo ! It did a powerful job but it did aggravate her bowel tumour the first year !

    take care ,


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  • Has he started treatment ?

    Hope your ok ?


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  • Hi Court, still trying to follow the advice you gave me Dec 2018, goodness

  • Sorry Hayley , our posts must have crossed in the posting ! Good news regarding the bowel ! Less work for the Immunotherapy to do !
    Hope it all goes well and this is knocked back down soon for him .


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  • For sure  bet that wee patient does not realise how far her words have spread . Got me through many a day !

    Hope your ok . 

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  • Sorry, sent too soon. Seems like another life but I still try to keep my mind with my body.

    Thing’s aren’t too good for Martin, frankly nothing has worked, chemo’s ended and have Rowcroft hospice team calling on Thursday to assess his needs. 

    I seem to mostly keep calm, it’s in the small wee hours I sometimes struggle. I’ve just  picked up some steroids and hoping they’ll give him the boost he needs, to encourage him to eat something.

    We have an apartment booked in Newquay for the 21st, so hoping I can get him there, Doctor has said we should, depends on what Rowcroft think but a lovely family holiday with daughter and granddaughter would be good for all our souls. 

    Just got to keep going, trying to stay strong and calm, so far so good.

    As always, thanks for caring and I do hope your mums doing ok.


  • Hi Hayleyc89. I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer which had spread to my liver. I was prescribed 6 months of chemo followed by surgery. Then I had a PET scan which found it had spread to my para aortic nodes. Suddenly all surgery is now off the table and I'm on palliative treatment like your husband. I'm now 3 months into chemo. Any questions please ask...