Daughters colonoscopy

My dayghter age 13 had her first colonoscopy and stomach camera yet which I didn’t no she was having but glad all under GA in ballykelly hospital with the nhs 

She was amazing got profocol in canular and asleep while time cinsultant said stomach was completely clear and seen 30 small polyps in bowel but he took one biopdoy and few photos and said he was very happy with results said all polyps small but would do biopsoy just to compare to next year saud see her in year time and do it annually as she and me both have FAP im

hsvi g stomach test but would think I not get GA does anyone have any suggestions to what I might get I am anxious distressed when it comes to hospitals would hsve ptsd in relation to procedures over years and what could outcome be from a endoscopy with fap 

thank you everyone on this site iM not a easy person to work with when my anxiety gets bad I just hit self distract button and my mental health would suffer so virtual hugs to everyone on this site and also to the experts in the other section who let me ring thrm 

  • Hi 

    Great news your daughters stomach was clear and they are keeping a very close eye on her bowel .

    Please , you are a lovely person and anxiety is a very real issue for people .You are not difficult to work with at all .We are hear to help people work through this and all it brings . 
    My mum is pretty unique with scans and surgery she has felt very peaceful throughout but I can honestly say not so with covid . I have see Her more anxious surrounding those issue . We don’t always get to pick and choose what triggers us or what leaves a difficult memory.  who has come through both covid and cancer has mentioned support was available for cancer but not for covid . These can be the factors that affect how we process what we go through in life . 
    I would think having a chat with your GP might be a good place to start and see if you can get some  guidance on how to manage this .

    Take care ,


  • Hello Blush I can only say make sure that she gets follow up from having the polyps. I had polyps when I was being investigated around 20 years ago but the doctors said there was nothing to worry about and nothing more was said to be honest I forgot about them and was diagnosed with coeliac disease. 20 years later had a bowel screening and went for a colonoscopy, upshot was that I had a T4 tumour removed and a right hemicolectomy. I just wish that I knew more all these years ago what polyps were! I definitely would have made them follow up! It would have been so much easier. But you are where you are. .. I think just make sure that you don’t forget about the polyps. Good luck to your daughter xxxx

  • She booked to be 18 months screen but I asked for annually said stomach could be every five years she got GA but after 16 will

    be sedation the first cinsultantbsaid sime people prefer bowrl removal done before twenties as it easier to recover hecsaid if bowels are enlarging I would say she have surgery before twenty 

  • Hello Cranach such great news your daughter’s clear. I do relate to you with the anxiety, sending you hugs xx

  • Sorry I speltyour name wrong I think it’s predicted texthello Cranagh