Pre-op Diet

Yesterday I was phoned with the good news that due to another patient’s reschedule, my surgery scheduled originally for April 21st can be brought forward a week to April 14th - an offer I’ve gratefully accepted! So this morning I’ve been reading up on all the pre-op bowel prep information given me at my consultant’s meeting. It all seems pretty straightforward, except that the list of recommended light diet foods for 2 days before the op is absolutely tiny, just small portions of fish, chicken, jelly and dry biscuits. I’m not grumbling and if this is literally it, I’ll follow it faithfully. I’m on a low residue diet anyway. However, as the list is just recommendation, I’m just wondering whether anyone else has had a more detailed pre-op diet list of examples.

  • Just going to pop this back to the top as it’s been a busy day . I only have a vague memory of my mum having to follow a very limited list . So not much help I am afraid.


  • Sorry but what are you getting done is it colonoscopy signioscopy bowel

    surgery as my child just had colonoscopy prep done 

  • Hi , sorry, I should have been more specific. I’ve had my sigmoidoscopy an CT colon scan and had bowel preps for both. I’m due surgery next Wednesday, so my question is about that. Really I’m wondering whether there is really any difference between the bowel prep diets for my sigmoidoscopy/scan compared with my surgery.

  • I would ask hospital

    but I would say not for surgery my orep

    and days before was very limited I had picolax and I was surprised to say it was very easy to take and wasn’t running to bathroom lot but I didn’t eat much before the days my young daughter got senokot and lactose and she was same but she couldn’t eat for a day and a half but drank fluids I rang hodpital as child wanted to take sports drinks but hosp recommended sticking to water as much as possible and one orange dilute her bowel

    ws very clean she ate few lollies and hard sweets 

  • Thanks , yes, I have Pixolax to take too, and they’ve given me dioralyte, soI think the safest thing is to stick with what they’ve told me - worth it for just a couple of days.

  • I hsve had reversal on bowel

    but I found the picolax the easiest to take I put diluting juice in it and wasn’t eating much the day before so I wasn’t running to the toilet at all I thought it hadn’t worked but. Cinsultant said to drink as much fluids as I can and hecsaid my bowel

    was very clean so good luck