Palliative care nurse visit for my dad.. scared.

Hi again,

 Tomorrow we have the palliative care nurse visiting for the first time. I wondered if they are beneficial with helping appetite and fatigue aswell as symptom control for treatment? I dont know what to expect, I'm scared there wont be any hope with this visit. My dad had advanced bowel cancer stage 4 as well as recovering from covid, pulmonary embolism and weight and muscle loss. It's like a rollercoaster of being between hope and despair with his illness regarding good days and bad days. 

Desperate to help and dad and not ready to give up. 

Advice and what to expect would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you xx

  • Hi Steveho and Court

    Thank you for reaching out, I'm sorry you are going through similar time with your wife. I hope you have support for you steveho. Here if you need to talk during this horrific time.

    Its unbearable seeing my dad this way and what's going to happen. It scares me. The palliative nurse came out yesterday talking about how my dad will be cared for at home with us all by his side. I just cant believe it. I want him to be better so bad and I dont know how to find peace with it. I keep thinking back to this time last year, you wouldn't have known. We were so close to getting treatment opportunity but it would have done more harm than good. 

    Thank you Court for always being there during all this it really has helped me through some tough times with your listing ear and advice. Your a special person. I just wish I was giving you an update that was full of hope. 


  • Just popping on to say I am still thinking of you both  and .

    Hoping both your loved ones have had a good few days .

    Also thinking about both of you and hope your finding some strength in such difficult circumstances.

    We have a little sunshine here today . Hope you both get five minutes to have a coffee and look after your own needs too .

    Take care ,


  • Hi 

    Still thinking of you too and hoping you are doing ok !