February Catch up thread !

Here we are in Feb 2021!

As ever anyone who feels like a chat is welcome to join in .

I will confess  I never worked that out ! I have been flicking my way through all the pages since the new changes were brought in !RoflRofl

But I know how to laugh at myself and teachable too!

Thank you for that !

Hope everyone has had a good weekend . Another dry day here, another walk !!!!

I am a little aggrieved that I have not lost a pound with all this street pounding !

Take care ,


  • Still waiting on that sun delivery 

    Its nice to see your children’s life taking shape . I hope it all goes well for your older daughter. Difficult for your younger daughter , but not be for long and well worth it . Her school sounds very attentive. 
    Nice to hear that !

    Did a bit of painting today. 

    turns out we are not getting out till the end of April and even then not sure about a lot of details . Our areas figures are sliding upwards again . I had written to my MP . Three weeks later no reply ! I decided to withdraw it but an aid replied and told me it would be more appropriate to raise any covid issues with retailers myself as the MP was very busy ! Saw her later on that day in a car park having a wee meeting ! The letter even compared covid compliance with litter dropping ! We all know the rules ! So I will maybe not bother trying that again ! Ha .

    Take care ,


  • Pity the nations can't have the same schedule, never mind. Got my letter to say, stay put until March 31st. So no school until after Easter. Maybe.

    What a wind it has been lately!! We are lucky nothing got blown away. But there has been little rain for a change. I am slowly managing to put some miles on, which is good.

    Stay safe all

  • It it just me or does it seem inappropriate that Matt Hancock signs lthese letters as just "Matt"

    Seems either too chummy, or he thinks he's on a par with the Queen. Not that I've ever had a letter from her.!


  • Never really thought about that! I just look at the dates and swear to myself! 

  • Strangely, I'm a lot more sweary these days. Disappointed


  • RoflRofl. He will be on the Christmas card list with that approach!


  • Hi , spoke to my consultant today, she told me the girls can go back to school as my blood counts won't really move much, and has I had the covid vaccine and girls will be tested twice a week and wearing masks should be fine ,will on on my 4th radiotherapy so be more peaceful at home Grin. Oldest college said go in the week off 8th for a refresher on the college day and to be tested then following week they will start she is very nervous . Sorry was a lovely beautiful sunny day again today . I never received a letter for shielding still waiting . Probably be too late to have one , even emailed surgery  and nothing back.

  • Oh that’s great they can go back to their education.  My niece has her wee covid tests through now too although no date yet to go back to school . That age group really have had such a change to adapt to educationally . They have done so well . I hope they have a great time .

    Strange you did not get a letter though ! 

    The vaccines are still going at a good pace here !

    Also we got some sunshine ! Yippee.  Another nice walk today !

    The park was packed . 
    Take care everyone ,


  • Afternoon all.  It's been an up and down four weeks. My consultant advised that my side effects to IV and tablets on severe end of spectrum. Mainly nausea. Round 3 of 4 should have been last week but blood results problematic. Cameinto chemo unit this morning with further queries over different aspect of blood results. Thankfully got the ok to proceed. Am having my chemo now as I type. Reduced drugs and more pre meds. Hope I will have a better experience over next two weeks. 

    If not maybe consider stopping the chemo a bit early. 

    Anyone who has had similar experiences please share what worked for you. 

  • Hi 

    Hope your safely home from the chemo suit now and recovering .

    I think my mum ended up in that group too . Have you had your dose adjusted at all ? My mum struggled through the first year and it was pretty miserable to be honest but the second year she had chemo they gave her a small reduction that actually made a big difference. Not just in terms to her side effects , particularly the nausea. But also to her bloods . They levelled off and stabilise. She was able to complete her full six cycles in the end .

    Hope this cycle is a bit kinder .

    Take care ,