February Catch up thread !

Here we are in Feb 2021!

As ever anyone who feels like a chat is welcome to join in .

I will confess  I never worked that out ! I have been flicking my way through all the pages since the new changes were brought in !RoflRofl

But I know how to laugh at myself and teachable too!

Thank you for that !

Hope everyone has had a good weekend . Another dry day here, another walk !!!!

I am a little aggrieved that I have not lost a pound with all this street pounding !

Take care ,


  • Morning, , and everyone. Grey day here, but not raining just at the moment. Its my 2 year diagnosiversary today! Nearly a year since catching covid, and a year cancer clear. So I've emailed someone about the possibility of refreshing the training on my Dales Pony so I feel safer. With 2 artificial knees I cannot afford to fall off!!!!! Just a way of making myself try to look forward again.

    I haven't got your friend request, so have sent you one. Not sure if this is all working as it should be? Anyhow, still happy to answer any questions.

    I need to remind myself of this today. (((Hugs))) to all.

  • Totally agree with this . I have completed changes my expectations of life , of myself and consider getting through the day a success at times . 
    Hope you have a good day . Horrible weather here !

    Plan B in place !


  • All good news so far- I got my jab on Monday due to a last minute cancellation that went back on the booking system- I nabbed that straight away! Apart from a sore arm yesterday, no ill effects. The colorectal team are very happy with my progress- it’s not even 8 weeks yet! So now I’ve got my chemo to look forward to on Monday and definitely booking a week away in May to celebrate and recover. Luckily most places are allowing amendments to bookings because of Covid, but feeling hopeful that the world might start to slowly get back to normal by then xx I don’t know about anyone else, but the vaccination centre was filled with a wonderful sense of hope. I need to bottle that and keep it under my pillow! xx 

  • Hi thought I would say Hi as my first catch up. I got my covid vaccine on Monday arm a little sore. Got my PET scan this Friday , my daughters getting there flu nasal on Monday, then I go for my pre aessment for chemo /radiotherapy chat .Then all starts on Monday 15th Feb.Been trying to teach the girls to cook think it will be jacket spuds and salad for a bit :) don't fancy them burning down the house.:)  Already booked holiday for August uk of course Devon, something to look forward to .

  • Hi . Welcome to the catch up thread ! So pleased you joined in .

    Could be some interesting dinners coming your way . Both my boys did lots of cooking . Impracticality got my entire fruit bowl made into a fruit salad for breakfast one day ! However now they are great !

     and   great to hear you have both been vaccinated. I was dropping off my mum’s shopping today when the phone went . She is hopefully getting hers tomorrow. And not to be left out she has also booked holiday accommodation for the summer . She has played it safe too . However we are hoping to get the family together for a week.

     We have had so much snow this year ! 
    Take care ,


  • Should also say I have an extra , extra clean home . The floors are pristine. You could eat your food off them ! That’s what you get when you bleach your sink and walk away leaving the water on . Glad I have good hearing or it could be a whole lot worse !


  • Oh dear that could have been a lot worse. I think this lockdown lark is definitely making me a bit absent minded or maybe just not concentrating? I nearly put a handful of blueberries into my cup of tea instead of my muesli the other day and then, as I got near the bottom my cup, I saw the teabag still there! That’s the second time in a week I’ve done that! I know I’m from Yorkshire and married to a bricklayer so strong tea is a given but that’s going too far! 

    It’s a lovely day here too and I’ve found some snowdrops in our garden! The garden was pretty neglected when we moved in last August so I did what I could before the weather changed so I’m quite excited to see what some of the bulbs are that are appearing. We’ve had some biblical downpours recently and I think there’s more snow forecast for next week although we got off lightly this week having seen the photos of my mum and dads garden in Halifax!

    Well I’ll go finish my (hopefully bagless) tea. Hope everyone’s doing ok

    Karen x

  • It's so nice seeing everything starting to sprout in the garden, isn't it! I've always been a keen gardener, but this year I've bought so many extra seeds and bulbs it's going to look like Chelsea Flower Show!! Lots of extra veg this year on top of what I normally sow. Going to be busy! Snow is on its way, although I hope the roads here in Lincolnshire is OK for my chemo on Monday... think warm thoughts...! xx On that front, I was thinking about going back to jewellery making (I used to do this full time) until I'm able to get back to my normal work teaching and gigging, but my workshop is freezing -mainly due to the glass that blew out in the storms last year...I wonder if thats the sort of thing I could apply for via a small grant from Macmillan? I won't know for sure how my hands will be, or whether I'll be able to work a huge amount, but a cold workshop won't help! 

  • Hi everyone ,

    I am delighted to say despite the vaccine being cancelled first thing this morning ( no needles) the staff did not disappoint and managed to get them from another practice. So both parents  have received the Oxford vaccine . Both feeling fine and mum had a long sleep afterwards. 

     I am so pleased you mentioned that . I have noticed similar odd incidents! I starting to think this wave is affecting more than the others ! I have basically become a house plant ! 

    Me too I love the garden and it’s carrying me through the last few weeks just thinking about it . We can have our own flower show online ! Not sure what the grants cover but the helpline staff would be able to assist you .

    My friends daughter has been using resin to make a bit of money as both her jobs have been badly affected by the pandemic . I am thinking of giving it a go . ( just for pleasure) .

     I got some of her coasters !

    I used to do some small pieces of jewellery but not done any for years . Again just for pleasure . You will need to show us some of your work .

    Hope everyone else has had a good day .


  • Hi Gemmary just want to say what a beautiful poem. Thank you for that. And well done for a year cancer free x