First scan since secondary diagnoses

Hi all, 

I was diagnosed with secondary bone cancer in jan this year, I’m on my 4th cycle of ribociclib, fulvestrant, letrozole, zolodex and denosumab. I had a ct scan nearly 2 weeks ago and I’m due to get my results next Thursday and I’m so nervous incase the treatment isn’t working for me. My mets are in my spine in a few places, all unchanged since they were picked up on last October which I know is a positive and also my ct scan in jan was also unchanged. Is anyone else on this combo and had a good scan result? 

thank you for reading xx

  • hi

    Sorry no one replied till now. I am on my 6th cycle of ribociclib, letrozole and was getting denosimab until it was suspended for 3 months due to covid in March. I had a scan after 3 cycles of ribociclib and it showed everything was stable. I feel well on it and am hoping the next scan in July will also show stability. Good luck with your results, is always so horrible waiting.


  • Hi! 
    I have taken drugs quite similar to you for my secondary breast cancer and the majority of my spine has tumours in I think maybe 5 are clear and 3 yrs later my tumours in my spine are still stable so try to stay positive it really helps xx 

    Sending you hugs Jo xx 

  • Thanks girls I got my scan results and I’m stable!!! I’m so so happy I hope this continues for a long time!!! The relief I feel is amazing xx

  • That is so good to hear!!!  The relief is palpable isn’t it, so fret no more till the scanxiety kicks in for the next lot of results, but for now lovely go and enjoy life with a big smile on your face! So happy for you 

    Much love Jo xx