Secondary breast cancer in the bone

Hi all I’ve recently been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in the bone and have had numerous tests and appointment coming up I’ve got to have a bone biopsy which I’m really worried about and just wondering if anyone can put my mind at ease slightly 

  • Hi

    Sorry can't help with your question but just wanted to let you know there is also a Secondary Breast Cancer Group (link) who has several members with bone mets and is a little more active than this one... You may also want to join that group and post this question there as well to cover all the bases Thumbsup tone1

    Hope this is of some help, take care, G n' J

  • Hi,

    First of all- I am very sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Ive not had a bone biopsy but it was mentioned that I might  have one. I’m 7 months down the line but I’m going to ask at my oncology appointment on Thursday so if I have any info I’ll let you know.

  • Hi Jo lovely to hear you seven months into it my biopsy is tomorrow so dreading it. How are you coping? I’m struggling with it all but suppose it’s early days. Are you on any treatment? Xxx Helen 

  • My wife recently had a bone biopsy and I was dreading it  imagining something really gruesome. In fact she didn't experience any pain and it all went very smoothly. 

  • Thankyou I had mine today and it wasn’t as bad as horror stories I had read hopefully don’t need anymore and I hope your wife is doing well

  • Hi Helen

    Yes I’m struggling too- good days and bad days. A lot has changed for me which I’m trying to adapt to. My bloods were slightly low today so they’ve delayed my treatment for a week to see if they come up- first time that’s happened so a bit annoyed . I’m on Letrozole, Palbociclib, denusamab and zoladex. Still early days for me too. Hope you are ok and glad the bone biopsy is over for you!

  • Hi it’s so sad and I don’t think people around me understand they think they do but they don’t. Every day is a lie day at minute and one appointment after another. I’m tired and drained and can’t be bothered and hoping that I pick up cause I don’t want to be this way. Not sure what meds I’m going on yet I’ve got that on 15th so see what that day brings I’ve got this massive dose of radiotherapy first on Monday coming. I’m so pleased that biopsy is done too. When will they check your bloods again? And did you say how long it’s been since you were diagnosed?? Hope you feeling bit brighter today speak soon xxxx

  • Hi

    Sorry to find you on this site.  I am also on same treatment as .

    I was diagnosed April 2019.  First time diagnosis.  I have been on Palbo and Letresole combo now for about 10 months.  I also have monthly bone juice. Was by infusion but due to COVID last two months has been by injection.

    Don't give yourself a hard time, its ok not to be ok and you will find a new type of 'normal'. I have not had radiotherapy so cannot advise on that my profile tells you a bit.  I have to have bloods checked every month to see if ok to still take oral chemo and I have a scan every three months.

    It is scary, lot and lots of appointments at the beginning, they do settle down.  I wish you well for Monday and hope that the treatment you are on helps.

    On the secondary breast cancer group there is a thread started by Noswad1 which has positive stories, please take a look it is better that the doom and steer clear of google.  I have fared so much better by asking questions on here by people who really get it.

    Take care


  • Hey,

    My sister was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer with extensive bone mets in January 2017 straight off aged 43.  She is on her second line of treatment and dojng incredibly  well.  She has had a few sessions of radiotherapy.  One to her hip and spine.  One of her oncologists calls it spot weldong lol. 

    She is still going strong.  You wouldn't think she had breast cancer.  She was terrified understandably at first but 3 and a half years later she has learned to live with her new normal and is an inspiration to her family and friends. 

    Her oncologist has said there are lots of treatment options available and each year new ones become available.

    She has CT scans every 3 momths followed up by an appointment to see how things are.

    I do hope youre ok.  I thought I would share my sisters story to give you hope and to ler you know that not all appointments will be bad news.  There will come a time with the right treatment when you hear the magical words you are stable.

    Sending you a virtual hug.

  • Thankyou so much I’ve had lots of kind words and heard lots of lovely positive stories and I’m so pleased that she is doing well. I will learn to live with it and it’s early days for me. Thankyou and I can’t wait for them magical words. Xxxx