New diagnosis

I just was told today that I have secondary breast cancer in my bones. Waiting to start treatment soon. Determined to stay positive in these difficult times. It was a relief in some way to get the results of my ct scan has I was sure something was wrong at the speed of my appointments. Going back on hormone treatment hopefully next week and hopefully will hear from oncology soon. I look forward to hearing about other people's experiences. It is a lot to process at the moment.

  • Hi ajlmay,

    im sorry your here but I can assure you there are many positive stories on here and also a positive story thread. I also have secondary breast cancer that’s spread to my spine...all details are on my profile. Have you had an discussions about treatment options yet? Sending you a big hug it’s really scary at first but you do learn to deal with it in time and find your new normal. I’m newly diagnosed ( feb this year ) so I have up and down days all the time it’s completely normal xxx

  • Hi ajlmay            Sorry to hear about your news,i too was diagnosed in March of this year too with secondary breast cancer in my bones. I can understand exactly how you feel it could not have come a worse time for us could it.Staying positive is all we can do right now and chase up all our appointments and try to keep on top of it all.I can see Lollipops84 has replied with sensible advice as usual. This is the forum to ask question and advice we all try to look out for each other Take care xx

  • Thanks for your message x

  • Hi - waiting for oncology appointment and I'm starting on letrazole this week Spoke to my gp this morning who is very supportive. Thanks for your message and big virtual hug. Hugs are what I'm missing just now xx

  • Hi ajlmay           Great news about you starting your treatment soon.I think we are all missing hugs now so sending one to you keep in touch we all like to know how each other are doing xx

  • Hi ajlmay

    Ive also been diagnosed with breast cancer that has spread to bones. Been on treatment now for 6 months and just had my scan results- scan shows no further progression and all is stable. Shows some healing of bones so that’s good news at least!

    My oncologist is now giving me 3 months worth of chemo tablets so I don’t have to come up to the hospital for 12 weeks. She’s moving me from denosumab injections to something else- liquid form or something-I’m not quite sure? I’m to pick up meds today at some point. Next scan will be 6 months so a little bit of positive news!

    Stay strong- we are all here!