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Bone, secondary cancer

Secondary bone cancer is cancer that has spread to the bones from a primary cancer somewhere else in the body. This group is for people affected by secondary bone cancer to share experiences and get support.

Are there any other options available?

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Since my husbands initial diagnosis that his ocular melanoma had spread to his liver and bones we have not been able to catch a break! 

high liver enzyme levels (ALT 135) in December meant a delay in immunotherapy of 8 weeks but after a course of steroids we were good to go for treatment cycle 3 (combo of ipi/nivo). Early scans showed only a partial response with no growth in the bones but the liver was not responding... Next plan, finish 4th cycle ipi/nivo and cyber kniffing for the liver. After delaying treatment 4 to allow for a little trip abroad, we returned this week to have the last combo treatment... or not! Next curve ball, liver enzymes now 377 and he has been admitted to hospital on IV steroids with treatment stopped. The medical oncologist team have said it is unlikely he will return to immunotherapy.. I thought this was our only hope, has anyone else out there been offered other treatment after this has happened... 

Feeling the strain of this all now... but holding on in there x

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