Low red blood count

I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in the bones 3 years ago. Have since had chemo, 3 monthly denosomab & daily leterozal.  Everything was stable until June this year when I started with intermittent pain in my lower back, hips & down the front of my legs to my knees. I was sent for an MRI & CT scan and told there has been no change, still stable & no sign of disc problems. Then 5 weeks ago I became so exhausted I attended the cancer A & E unit who said my red blood count was so low I needed a transfusion of 2 units of red blood, my whites & platelets are ok. I saw my oncologist 2 weeks later, my bloods were fine & she said it was just one of those things & hopefully it won't happen again. Yesterday I was back at the cancer A & E & my reds were even lower than before so had another transfusion. I'm still getting the back ache.  Obviously there is something underlying this & I am pushing to see my oncologist urgently.

Has anyone else had this experience? or have suggestions on what might be going on? What should my oncologist be checking for?

Any suggestions.  Alaine

  • Hi Alaine, 

    i also have secondary breast cancer in my bones and also I was one year after being stable etc everything stable I start to experience the same kind of symptoms as yourself and I also was having constant blood transfusions and we couldn’t get to the bottom of it and finally after lots of blood tests it turned out to be that I was severely vit D deficient and my vit B was very low so I was started on mediation and injections for vit b and I’m like a new woman, I wish I could say that is what you have but I’m no expert but ask for these to be checked. 

    Much love Jo xx 

  • Hi Jo,

    Thanks for your reply. I will certainly ask them to check this out. I hadn't thought about this as a possibility. 

    Love & Hugs Alaine xx

  • Neither did my oncologist she was thinking the chemo tablets were affecting the bone marrow not replenishing the red blood cells so I was constantly anemic and it was something as simple as that!

    H‍ope you get some answers soon

    Love Jo xx