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Bone, secondary cancer

Secondary bone cancer is cancer that has spread to the bones from a primary cancer somewhere else in the body. This group is for people affected by secondary bone cancer to share experiences and get support.

Feel like the only one in my position

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Hi Jo

Really good to see your bloods are all good actually amazing.  How S***TTY your results did not come through hoping you will get them in the next couple of days.

Gin and bake off sounds like a nice combo.  We have not had any TV Service for a couple of days, finally have an engineer out tomorrow to check the box.  So have had to resort to actually having a conversation with the other half LOL.  So now I am in the dining room and he is in lounge on the kindle which he has taken off me and is using as a lap top. 

Have a good weekend and crossing those bit and bobs your scan results come through soon. 

I will start to get anxious next week my next scan is imminent.

Much love Lyn x

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Eeeee..... what a long day!!! 

Ive been up to Newcastle with my mam and granddaughter Phoebe to see Disney on ice! 

It was sooo good! I think I watched phoebe more than the show, seeing her dressed up as Elsa from frozen the movie and then her little face when out skated Elsa she was jumping and clapping her little hands and waving like mad incase Elsa saw her, oh my heart that was a magical moment... worth climbing up the stairs in the rain, then another flight and sat in a cramped chair for and hour and a half  the things we do for love! We have since came home had a hot bath, some tea and she’s snuggled up in my bed while I have a sneaky gin! 

Bring on the Christmas festivities!!!

Hope we are all well ladies.... much love Jo x 

PS still no results  

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Hey hey 

My name is Cazzy and I not been on this forum. For while thought I'd introduce myself ha I'm Cazzy aged 32 breasf csncer stage four and basically it's spread to all. My. Bones in my body plus crushed vertebrae was diagnosed. In June but could been like. Least two years I've had it before diagnosis. Anyway I've. Had radiotherapy initially on lumber and thorasic to stop. Pain and release spinal.compression I was veery in denial about diagnosis this as back in June ass in patient. 

Since coming out my mobility got worse and very painful right femur and spasams in neck and skull so had radiotherapy on thsr. The after effects of radiotherapy to skull was horrible I had no taste buds few weeks oral thrush etc. 

However before this I'm. On zoladex which isn't too bad getting next one next Thursday. Lethzole which is okay but serious case of dry mouth hense up this time and back agony. I was on the one beginning with p however I got very sore lips. Mouth so oncologist took. Me. Off it she asked if I wanted it to back on it two months ago but as what happened before was put off and snenddkfnmknd as csncer markers gone down. I'm also on deamasub or however u spell it monthly though been diagnosed since June I've only had one injection and this was due to the fact first she wanted me have well. Month and get used to zoladex etc then my calcium was low so given calcium d3 so then eventually got injection two months later then this month as I September calcium too low. Again to have it but she wasn't worried however I had had sickness bug off food etc so wasn't having much dairy etc 

Anyway you are never alone you got us though I'm. Late. To the party getting diagnosed is very surreal and I didn't realise month down line when on various sites about it only being treatable not curable its lot. Take in tbh 

Love and hugs to you all 


Love hugs and cat paws 
Cazzy xxx
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Hi Cazzy

Welcome and sorry to learn of you your diagnosis. I felt like I had been sucker punched when I got mine so I do really know how that one is. I cannot relate to the side effects of your Radiotherapy as this has not been offered to me but there are plenty of fellow members who have and may be able to offer their support.

I am currently on Letersole and Palbociclib (oral chemo) with monthly bone juice infusions. I was started on Ribociclib but my bloods were all over the place and I had to have a 7 week break before changing treatment.

It seems like you are having a bit of a hard time what with the low calcium and sickness bug.  Please keep in mind that although we are not curable (at the moment) it is treatable. Keep talking to you Onc they need to find the right treatment that works for you.

I have good days and days of terrible sadness but am getting through with the support around me and this site as well. 

This room can at time be a little quite so I sometimes also use the secondary breast cancer group as well. 

Take care my fellow traveller



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Hi Cazzy, sorry to hear you are feeling rough. I think it's a hard one to realize that it is not curable but just treatable, but I was thinking the way you are and if it hadn't been for this site and reading other ladies experiences I too would be very heavy and gravely upset. I have been on Letrozole and have been waiting since May to start treatment for my secondary breast cancer. I have had to have teeth out for one drug called Zometa (which I believe is a bone strengthening drug). And also the Chemo they are going to put me on is called CDK4/6.  This is subject to my outcome of the PET scan I had last week.Also I have Rheumatoid arthritis, and also amongst all this I have had to have 2 stents put in !! I also am panicking like all of us with this awful disease as to whether there is  more bad news to put up with. I am also taking CBD oil .  I hope you start feeling better soon . Always available for a chat as it is good to talk to others who are in the same boat. Xx