My poor dad

   So last Thursday, after a long 2 weeks of having to call ambulances every other day, to be told that there was nothing wrong and nothing the hospital could do, my dad was diagnosed with primary lung cancer which has spread to his pelvis, spine, ribs and sternum. His deterioration since this has been unbelievable. My dad has always been very accident prone(last one last April, 2 ops and not being able to work since) and has even had osteomyelitis. I am absolutely heartbroken. My mum is a nurse so is being very matter of fact at the moment but I’m waiting for the moment she cracks. Since he was admitted last Tuesday night (waited in a and e from 4pm-9pm finally on the ward by 1am) his pain relief has been tripled. He is going on 60 mg of his long tech and has 20mg of short tech every 2 hours even through the night. I’m so scared x

  • Hi Toni, your bound to feel scared it’s normal and your probably trying to be strong for your mum as well, she sounds so much like my mum had to keep busy and keep everything ticking over while there is a elephant in the room, she will crack eventually she may do it alone, my mam did and then best foot forward the next day. 

    So what are the plans for your dad? Have they offered any treatment or is it still early days? Keep making sure he’s pain free as hospitals can give meds different times than he may take them and if there his own meds they may take them off him and supply there own, happened to me two weeks ago and I take my meds at 7 and I wasn’t given any till 10 on ward round so I was in agony so be aware I also was put into a ward after midnight, ask lots of questions or write them down so you can ask oncologist. There are lots of treatment out there I have secondary breast cancer in my spine also plus a few other places but all bone, I’m thinking they might deal with the lung cancer first? I’m unsure where you are on this god awful journey, but feel free to ask questions someone will pop up and give you some advice.

    Big hug Jo xx 

  • Thank you so much for your reply. They are hoping to be able to give him radio therapy on his back later this week but he will only have 1-5 sessions. He has already stated he doesn’t want any aggressive chemo. They want to eventually do a biopsy but until he is strong enough and they have his pain under control this is on the back burner, and is completely up to him. Today his oncologist and the rest of the team have their meeting so hoping we know a little bit more this afternoon. Xx