Is it cancer

i ginished treatment for breast cancer at the end of December 2017. Had my first annual mammogram in October and all good. At the weekend i was in A&E for chest pains, following tests such as ECG, Chest XRay, blood tests, gas blood test and CT Scan, was diagnosed with pleurisy. However I was also informed that the CT scan had shown a few concerns, one of which showed that some areas of bones of my rib cage were not as thick as other areas and as such I would need an Isotope bone scan to understand why. The A&E Dr said it could be due to the Tamoxifen or that my cancer had spread tomthis area, now other reason was given. I am now waiting for an appointment to come through, but I am so worried that its cancer. i can find nothing on the internet to give me any information, so Imwonder if anyone hee can help. Thank you Amanda

  • Hi 

    I'm really sorry to read that you're worried that your breast cancer might have spread. I can understand what a scary time this must be for you.

    Although I don't have the experience you're after I noticed that your post had gone unanswered. It could be that no one here has this experience and that is why you haven't had a reply. However, by replying to you it will nudge your post back to the top of the page so if it was missed by someone when you first posted they might see it this time.

    While you're waiting for replies you could post your question in ask a nurse where one of the specialist nurses will aim to get back to you within 2 working days.

    I really hope that there is another reason for what was seen on the CT scan.


  • Hi Latchbrook, thank you very much indeed for kind response. I having done some research and based on this and the A&E Dr’s information, I am convinced it has spread. The radiographers who read my CT scan would have seen it, and has probably seen it, if it was osteoporosis they would have ordered a Dexa Scan, the Bone scan does not pick up Osteoporosis. Also to have Arthritis or osteoporosis in the ribs is extremely rare. I am very worried because I dont know if its spread to other organs and having looked at the treatment for bone cancer Its made me worry more. I am also nervous about who will give me the news once the scan results are in. Will it be my original breast Consultant/surgeon (who I havent seen since September 2017, or an oncology Dr that I am seeing every Three months as I am on an Asprin trial-I am hoping it will be my original breast Consultant. Thank you xxxx

  • Hi there. I have been in the same situation as you are. My breast cancer has spread to my bones. However i am still working full time and do all the things i did before.(except running) i am on tamoxifen and denosumab , these drugs have very little side effects. Your oncologist will give you your results. I know its hard but try not to worry. Breast cancer in the bone can be contolled.  Ive been stable for almost 2 years now. I hope ive been helpful. Take care. Xx

  • Hi Lily, very helpful-thank you and thanks for sharing how you are living with BC bone metastasis, sounds like you are doing really well and I really hope that contines for you. Where did the cancer spread specifically for you, how did they find it,  it is localised or in many areas. I am also worried about having to have chemotherapy, how likely is that?  Best wishes Amanda

  • I didn't have chemotherapy but everyone's treatment plan is different. It spread to my left illiac bone in my pelvis and also my sacrum, t2 vertebrae left shoulder, right femur and ribs. They discovered it when they were scanning my liver. My liver was clear. I had a bone biopsy which confirmed their suspicions. I tell myself every day, cancer doesn't have me I have it.  Have you got anymore tests booked? Xx

  • Hi Lily, thats is quite a wide area. Glad your liver is clear. My bone scan is scheduled for tomorrow and so far, or until findings are actually reported/confirmed and them given to me then I will know whats next. I assume it will be a 2 week wait after the scan? I know they said my ribs are the concern but I had lower back ache for several months and today I am having hip pain, so I am expecting bad news. Did/do you havesee a bone Consultant at all xxx

  • No my oncologist deals with everything. Idont think its as long as two weeks for bone scan results a week to 10 days maybe. If you have a biopsy the results take longer as they have to dissolve the calcium and that can take two weeks. Good luck with the scan today. Xx

  • Thanks for the information Lily, appreciate it and your good wishes, Amanda xxx

  • 4th December @ 4.30pm, received a call from oncolgy consultants secretary (not my Breast Surgeon Consultant) to inform me that they had received my bone scan results and great news, no sign of any spread... thinning bones due to age and degeneration. To say how relieved i am is an understatement- feel as if I have a second chance at life.... and I’m going to grasp it with both hands and legs and live it for as long as possible. 




  • Oh, that's such great news . I'm so pleased for you!