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Long term remission m

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Hi everyone, 

I'm 22 years in remission after being diagnosed with an osteosarcoma of my left tibia at the tender age of 17. I'm really struggling at the moment with my survival, what I can do to help the world, and why it was that I managed to survive. I don't know anyone else who has been in remission for so long, so don't have any one to talk to that understands.

If anyone is going through treatment or just wants a stranger who knows, then please send me a message.


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I am delighted to say that i have been in remission for 25 years from Ewings sarcoma.  I often wonder about other long term survivors.  Happy to talk if you like

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Hi Muppet 

I'm 5 years clear from my osteosarcoma. which was in the pelvis...which is a blink of an eye compared to your 22 years. And I was 62 when diagnosed, so very different stage of life. When diagnosed the first Bone Cancer centre said mine was too large to I went through a brief period of expecting to die from it. However second Bone cancer centre (Birmingham) found a way to take it out, got it all and I had chemo too. Left with some disabilities...but still here.

I used my experience of expecting to die, by becoming a volunteer with Samaritans - so am regularly on the phone listening to people who are thinking about dying... Samaritans never share anything about themselves so those at the other end dont know, but it does sort of help that I have been through contemplating my own death. I also feel I have an approach to life of "Everything that happens from here on is a bonus".....

I dont know if this helps you at all. I realise that being treated (successfully) so young is very different.


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