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A place for people affected by primary bone cancer (including osteosarcoma, Ewing's sarcoma and chondrosarcoma) to support one another, ask questions, and share their experiences.


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My 63 yo dad has today been diagnosed with osteo sarcoma which from what we can gather is a very rare form of cancer that only affects 1% of the population and those are usually teenagers/ young adults. 

My dad got a pain in his leg at the end of June dismissed it as a strained muscle and steadily the pain has got worse leading to a diagnosis of a hip fracture. From this, he had a CT scan which showed secondary cancer on his lungs (this was 4 weeks ago) until now they were not sure what the primary was - until today.

They will start chemo ASAP because he is now in considerable pain with his leg. What I need to know is does anyone have a positive secondary lung cancer story? My dad has always been a healthy man and until recently was working 6/7 days a week. His lung function test was 83%.

The cancer is contained within his lungs no surrounding tissue, etc but is in both and on his pelvis which is the osteosarcoma.