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Ewing’s sarcoma

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Hi everyone - I have Ewing’s sarcoma and am coming to the end of my chemotherapy... I’ve been worrying about a wheeze in my chest which I’ve had on and off for some time (more specifically my lower back when I lie down) docs have said it might just be indigestion, ct scans don’t show anything, but I know sarcoma tends to spread to lungs most commonly. Any experiences or advice on this would be greatly appreciated :)

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Please if you are concerned ask you consultant. And if nothing is showing in your ct scan that is good. It is very easy to become anxious about your health .

If a symptom persists get it followed up. If it still persists ask again.  But bear in mind that anxiety will also play a part due to your cancer experience. 

You know your body best. And it is hard to not be worried. Focus on happy healthy goals.

Best wishes to you.