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Looking for reassurance

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Hello all, I am dealing with some things and could sure use some reassurance. About 2 months ago I started having a bad aching pain in my upper thigh/hip area, the pain got worse and I saw my orthopedic guy who had done a hip repair on me previously. He checked out my hip with mri and said it was fine and sent me to the back guy who in turn said the pain was not from my back. In the months time since I started this investigation the pain has gotten nearly unmanageable ( I’m refusing narcotics) I have no answers and no the pain is clearly in my thigh and I have noticed a swelling or rising if you like of the soft tissues and what feels like a ridge on my femur ( hard to palpate as I’m a bigger girl and the femur is deep and there is tissue pain as well now) I’m terrified it is cancer, and am looking for anyone who have had similar experiences and were told it wasn’t cancer? My mri is Monday and I’m trying to be patient but it’s hard, I tend to expect the worst, and although I’m a nurse and know how rare bone cancer is, I also can’t imagine what else would be causing thus, other then a benign bone tumor, which is what I’m praying it is. Any support, advice etc would sure be welcome!! Thanks so much!!