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Bone tumour (fibrous dysplasia)

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Hi I’m pretty new to all of this. My name is Christine I am 48 years old and I was diagnosed with fibrous dysplasia in my femur 11 months ago. I have had problems with my back and leg for 10 years with no real treatment. I pushed to be seen by a specialist and he found my tumour. It was devastating news to me and my family. I Dad been treat for 10 years with sciatica.

Well I’m nearly 12 months in and still struggling for any support or find someone to believe I’m in a world of pain and it’s actually coming from my leg. I’ve worked since I was 16 in pharmacy. Where I was a dispenser. Sadly lost that job in 2009. And since had others but fail to sustain. Is there anyone else struggling with any kind of support system ? Thanks in advance x 

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Hi Vidalbaboon 

i don know that I’ve got any answers but maybe I could ask questions.

Has antine done a nuclear bone scan?  You mentioned painnin uour back. I just wondered if that been checke. It sounds like you’ve already been given the run around by the medical profession. 

Did you know that there’s an ask a nurse option in this site and also on the helpline?  Ii wonder if it would help to have a professional tell you how to access pain management or treatment . Are there treatment option for your tumour ? i don’t know your cancer so I don’t know what is appropriate. My partner has Secondary Cancer in the bones and it responds incredibly well to Radiotherapy. It shrinks it and the pain stops. It’s marvellous. It doesn’t last forever in her case but if you’re in pain you’ll be keen to get some relief I’m sure. 

If there’s no treatment then there’s certainly a workdbof meds our there  we have four different morphine options for breakthrough pain plus shevtakes a slow release morphine plus each day shevtakes four other different pain killers aimed at different types  of pain killers aimed at differ  types of pain, there’s a solution out there for you  

Ps sorry for any typos. Site changes mean I can barely see what I’m typing. My eyes are hurting. 


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