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Chondrosarcoma upper arm

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Hi everyone.

Ok so this is my first time posting in any forum anywhere so bear with me.

So I had problems with my shoulder dislocating for the last 3 years or so following a climbing injury. After 3 years of physio and intermittent recovery and recurrence I finally found the time to have an mri to get it checked out. The mri showed a tear in my labrum which explained the dislocations but also showed a cartalliage tumour in my humerous.

The tumour is 14cm in total length which straight away rang alarm bells. So I had a biopsy done at Birmingham sarcoma centre and the results showed no signs of malignancy which was great news to hear over the phone, I was however told I would need to come back into Birmingham to discuss treatment options.

When I went back for my treatment plan consultation they shot me down abit and told me that based on the sheer size of it and the varying levels of malignancy across these tumours they couldn't diagnose me with having an enchondroma. Instead they have diagnosed it as a grade 1 chondrosarcoma.

I was given 3 treatment options; watch and wait, So scans etc every three months and hope it doesn't change, curretage which would remove it but has a risk of recurrence and recurrences they say always come back as higher grade sarcoma, and te third option of resection which they say is the only sure fire way that I know it's gone and would be ok. 

I am a climber, cyclist and mechanical fitter. A resection I'm told would reduce my mobility somewhat and I would need to give up climbing and change my job. I was also told that as I am so young (28) I would need the operation repeated maybe several time in my lifetime. 

My dilemma now is I either live with constant anxiety and have it checked out periodically and hope nothing changed. I have it scooped out with curretage and hope it doesn't come back. Or I lose my mobility and change my lifestyle but know it's definitely gone.

Any one ever been in a similar position who I can talk to? I do appreciate that it could be much worse for me and people go through so much more but even still any advise or testimonies would be greatly welcomed.

Thanks guys.

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I hope your enjoying your Christmas and keeping focused. The decision where your mobility maybe restricted and a possible job change, this maybe different for you. Every operation, every persons.recovery is so different. own personal experience, and finally 2.5 years on my mobility is finally improving which I never thought would improve this much! I wasn't able to make my own decision due to intense pain in my femur, it was approx 7cm the tumour. However I feel better knowing that the tumour has gone in wide margins. In some.ways lucky not gone so far as needing amputation or chemotherapy.

One thing that is important here is that you are at a stage where you can make a decision, perhaps write your pros & cons. Sometimes in life we need to sacrifice good things to win the best things in life.

Take care of yourself x